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The Hope Group owns and operates nine Parker Stores at its branch locations in New England providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker hose, fittings and adapters.

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The Hope Group now offers complete CNG Hose Assemblies for use on medium and heavy duty vehicles and CNG refueling station applications. We offer a complete product package from Parker for CNG including fittings, filters, couplings, valves, hoses, nozzels, and receptacles. We can provide custom CNG hose assemblies featuring CSA certified Parker products. Contact our CNG Hose Assembly team.



High Pressure CNG Hose
cng-high-pressure-hoseFlexible, lightweight hose serves as primary conveyance of CNG in all areas of the vehicle system up to the firewall. Rated to 180°F (82° C) at 5,000 psi (345 bar) and is electrically conductive.



55/58 Series Fittings
cng-58-series-fitting55/58 Series permanent crimp fittings are versatile hose fittings qualified with various Parker thermoplastic hoses including 5CNG hose series.



Seal-Lok O-Ring Face Seal Fittings
seal-lok-oring-face-seal-fittingsLeak-free, vibration-resistant ORFS threaded connections available in inch (1/4" to 3/4") and metric (6 mm to 20 mm) sizes for high- or low-pressure CNG applications using hard tube or hose.


On-Vehicle Fuel Conveyance

Our partnership with Parker means you have access to CSA certified CNG (compressed natural gas) products for vehicles including high and low pressure valves, receptacles, check valves, high and low pressure hose, Seal-Lok fittings, and high and low pressure filters for medium and heavy duty vehicles. Parker reliability is known around the world for its components in fluid management, motion and control, filtration, and temperature control.

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Benji Grubel  
Are you Killing Your Machinery?
Benji Grubel
Fluid Connector Specialist

drew-swanton-parker-store   Reducing Hose Inventory Maximizes Profitability and Safety
Drew Swanton
Branch Manager

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Doug Markham
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Compressed Natural Gas [CNG] Growing As Alternative to Costly Gasoline Usage

drew-swanton-parker-storeDrew Swanton
Parker Store Manager

You have probably noticed that compressed natural gas [CNG] has taken off as an alternative to gasoline for transportation fleets such as buses, waste removal trucks, and long-haul trucking.

The worldwide production of CNG has been growing at almost an exponential rate with a lot of other countries converting a large number of personal vehicles to gas too. At The Hope Group we have recognized this growing industry and have the means to set you up with everything you need to get your state of the art CNG station going.



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