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The Hope Group owns and operates nine Parker Stores at its branch locations in New England providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker hose, fittings and adapters.

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Becker Vacuum Pumps Offer No-Compromise
In Design or Performance for Hope Air Systems

Northborough, MA (12-01-2015) – Hope Air Systems continues to recommend Becker Vacuum Pumps for its customers seeking a no-compromise product. Becker, which has been manufacturing pumps for over 130 years, provides them in a number of basic designs that can fit any demanding requirement. The range and depth of available sizes and designs means that customers do not have to compromise on finding the right product.

Some of the products offered by Becker include:

  • One hundred percent oil-less vacuum pumps, capable of operation to 27” HgV, depending on model
  • Oil-flooded vacuum pumps, for operation to 29.83 in. HgV (2 torr abs.) with the SA version, or 29.9 in. HgV (0.4 torr abs.) with the F version.
  • Combined pressure/vacuum pumps, capable of operation to 9 PSIG and 18” HgV – simultaneously
  • Low pressure oil-less compressors, for operation to 25 PSIG
  • Single and two stage oil-less regenerative blowers, with or without variable speed control
  • Central vacuum systems in both 100 percent oil-less and oil-flooded designs

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Fitchburg (circa 1933)
Since 1933, The Hope Group has been serving the industrial requirements of the region, specializing in rubber products and eventually in fluid power and compressed air. The Hope Air Systems division began in the early 1970's and emerged over the ensuing 40 years as the premier supplier of rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors in New England. The company operated out of facilities in Fitchburg MA until its relocation during the 1980's to Northborough MA.


Northborough (circa 1985)
After its relocation to a newly constructed 60,000 sq ft warehouse, manufacturing and office complex in Northborough MA, The Hope Group continued its expansion with various acquisitions ultimately opening seven Parker Stores, which provided Hope Air Systems with distribution centers in nine locations in five New England states. Hope Air Systems secured the New England franchise for Kaeser Compressors in 2005 and has been the leading rotary screw compressor provider in the region.
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