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Hope Air PET Systems

Challenge: How to get compressed air for stretch blow molding at the point of application that is clean, dry and the proper pressure and volume to meet PET bottle blowing air requirements.

Myth: PET air compressor systems just need to be "oil-free" to meet manufacturing requirements.

Learn from us: With more than 300 successful PET bottle blowing air compressor installations worldwide and over 30 years of continuous design, fabrication, installation, refurbishment and maintenance of these systems, you have found a reliable and authoritative source for your next PET engineering project. Read our Senior Project Engineer Pete Rhoten's guidelines for key things to consider when selecting a PET air compressor.

The Hope Group responds: The Hope Group has extensive experience in designing PET package systems to meet a wide range of requirements. We have experience with every type of installation including:

  • Screw/Booster
  • Reciprocating 3-stage
  • Centrifugal
  • Oil-Free Screw/Booster

New Capabilities

The Hope Group continues to expand its capabilities and brings new offerings from 1,000 L/M to 40,000 L/M at 40Kg. We have expanded to include lower cost entry-level primary booster systems, three-stage oil-free reciprocating high pressure compressor chiller systems, blower systems and the support equipment necessary for the typical PET mechanical room in any facility in the world.

Engineering Staff

From its in-house engineering department to its 60,000 square foot fabrication facility in Massachusetts, The Hope Group can take your PET air compressor package requirement from concept to start-up. We can provide a complete turnkey design and fabrication of your PET blow molding system.

System Design

When The Hope Group receives an inquiry for a custom PET bottle blowing application, we go beyond using just the manufacturer's specifications for a compressor. We analyze complete plant air usage for both current and future plans. We look to reduce operating costs so new PET bottle blowing systems pay for themselves over time.

PET bottle invented in 1970's

A patented process created by researchers at Dupont in the 1970's was the beginning of the "oriented PET bottle." Dupont's process ultimately became the preferred method for making soda bottles. We have all become familiar with soft drink bottles of all sizes made from "plastic."

The so-called "biaxial orientation" process used in modern soft drink bottles makes the plastic clearer, stronger, lighter and less permeable to moisture and gases. In this way, it has become an acceptable substitute for glass. Earlier plastic bottles were rejected by the US government for use in consumer products as not safe.

The first commercially available PET bottle was a 64 oz Pepsi-Cola bottle in 1977. Since then, stretch-blown PET bottles have grown to an 18-billion-unit market in the US.


PET: An acronym for
Poly Ethylene Terephthalate,
a plastic resin used to make beverage containers.


You can read about how The Hope Group first became involved back in 1979 in the business of packaged air systems for blow molding in an interview that appeared in Compressed Air Best Practices magazine with Peter Rhoten, who was there at the beginning and currently leads sales of PET packaged air systems today.


The Hope Group has responded to its customers requirements to expand its product lines to include lower cost entry-level primary booster systems, three-stage oil-free reciprocating high pressure compressor chiller systems, and blower systems.


Sigma PET Air from Kaeser Compressor combines the production of high-pressure and control air into a single, turnkey system. The air-cooled rotary screw compressor produces the control air and also serves as a pre-compressor for the high-pressure blowing air.

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