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3 - 40 HP Rotary
with Receiver-Dryer

The Kaeser simplex and duplex packaged compressor series combine the well respected Sigma rotary screws compressors with the high efficiency Secotec refrigerated dryers to achieve a performance and reliability standard unequaled in the industry. These packages include an appropriately sized air receiver and filtration system designed and adjusted to the customer's specific requirements.
3 - 20 HP Rotary
with Dryer

The Kaeser Airtower package combines an air compressor and dryer in a unique way. Although they are a "package" with a common footprint, they are not enclosed in a common enclosure. Each has its own control cabinet, which has the advantage of the compressor and dryer operating separately. This makes it possible to service the dryer while the compressor is still running, for example.
20 - 25 HP Rotary
with Tank Dryer

The Kaeser compressor – dryer package with a horizontal air receiver tank is a perfect example of the flexibility and versatility of the Kaeser simplex and duplex packages. Whether the requirement is one or two compressors, filtration, condensate drains or other requirements, there is a system ready-to-go to meet those needs.
20 - 30 HP Rotary
with Dryer

The Kaeser AS T series of compressor-dryer packages are available in a variety of configurations ranging from 20 HP to 30 HP depending on specific requirements. This series features a superior cabinet design which contributes directly to reduced noise and a compact size. The unique optimized air flow design, referred to as "split cooling", acts to increase cooling efficiency.

Three Lobe Blower

Kaeser Compressors provides an unmatched level of quality and precision to the design of its Com-paK Plus tri-lobe blower package. These complete, ready to install packages include the famous Kaeser Omega Plus tri-lobe blower. This assures you of quality design and reliable operation.
Two Lobe Blower

To gain the benefits of a compact blower package design, while enhancing – rather than diminishing – maintenance accessibility, requires the years of design and manufacturing experience that Kaeser brings to the marketplace. Its unique Omega-paK blower packages have dramatically changed what you can expect from a modern blower package.

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