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The Hope Group owns and operates nine Parker Stores at its branch locations in New England providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker hose, fittings and adapters.

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Challenge: How to get the maximum blower performance from the minimum amount of floor space.

Myth: Blower maintenance issues make a "package" design less desirable.

Learn from us: To gain the benefits of a compact blower package design, while enhancing – rather than diminishing – maintenance accessibility, requires the years of design and manufacturing experience that Kaeser brings to the marketplace. It's unique Omega-paK blower packages have dramatically changed what you can expect from a modern blower package. The fully enclosed package design minimizes pulsation and noise. The design minimizes space requirements. All routine maintenance points are conveniently accessible from the front of the unit. All the utility connections are conveniently located in the back, which enables multiple units to be installed adjacent to each other without the need for additional clearance.

The Hope Group responds: At The Hope Group we recommend Kaeser blowers for a variety of applications:

  • waste water treatment
  • printing works
  • flash evaporators
  • bulk conveying
  • propane gas distribution

The features on the Kaeser compact blower packages are impressive. Among them are:

  • vibration isolators
  • automatic belt tensioner
  • heavy duty elevated base frame
  • washable inlet filter
  • absorptive inlet silencer
  • fully enclosed belt guard
  • ventilation fan
  • stainless steel oil drain lines
  • pulsation dampener
  • contamination filter indicator



Kaeser Omega-paK
The Omega-paK line of blowers provides a fully enclosed package design, which minimizes pulsation and noise. The compact design minimizes space requirements. All utility connections are in the back, which enables multiple units to be installed adjacent to each other.


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