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High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers

The Hope Group distributes Kaeser's HTRD (high temperature refrigerated dryers), which are specially designed for use with 5 to 25 HP piston compressors, although they will work well with any similar sized compressor producing high inlet temperatures. Standard refrigerated dryers are designed to operate up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. These Kaeser HTRD models are designed to operate with inlet temperatures of 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

What's more, these specially designed units eliminate the need for separate aftercoolers, filters and drains. The Kaeser HTRD model contains an aftercooler, refrigeration unit, filter and drain, all in one convenient enclosure. This compact design requires little floor space and allows for convenient installation. Staggered inlet/outlet connections make piping easy.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel, plate-type heat exchangers are compact, durable and efficient

  • Integral filters remove oil, moisture and solid particles
  • Condensate drain automatically discharges liquid from dryer without air loss

  • Automatic refrigeration temperature control system maintains precise chilled air temperature

  • Hermetic refrigeration compressor requires no maintenance or adjustments

  • Cool air exiting from the evaporator is reheated to save energy and prevent pipe sweating



High Temperature Dryers
The Kaeser HTRD dryer is specially designed for use with five (5) to 25 HP piston compressors. To meet special requirements, these machines are designed to operate with inlet temperatures up to 180° F. Staggered inlet/outlet connections make piping easy.


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