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The Hope Group

The Hope Group is an authorized full-line Parker distributor featuring hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid connector, and sealing products for OEM and MRO applications.

Sorensen Systems is a designer/builder of custom systems providing clean water, renewable energy sources, and technologically advanced process systems for industry.

Hope Air Systems is an authorized distributor for Kaeser Compressor featuring energy efficient rotary screw compressors as well as a designer/builder of skid-mounted packaged compressed air systems.

Hope Service can dispatch its field service fleet of vehicles and experienced, factory-trained technicians to provide emergency and routine field service to its hydraulic, electrical, and compressed air systems customers.

The Hope Group owns and operates eight Parker Stores at its branch locations providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker fluid connector parts.

The Hope Group provides 24 hour access to $150 million of Parker parts through its eCommerce website,, offering one or two-day shipping of all your hose & fittings, hydraulic, pneumatic, valve, and filtration needs.

iPower Distribution Group of New England provides supply chain consulting and implementation through streamlined procure-to-pay process, vendor managed inventory (VMI), Kanban, and in-plant buyer-planner services.


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Our Best Advice

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20-25 HP Rotary with Tank Dryer

Challenge: How to get a completely piped and wired packaged system with a refrigerated air dryer mounted on a horizontal receiver tank.

Myth: Small "pre-packaged" air compressor – dryer combination systems are not flexible enough to accommodate unique requirements.

Learn from us: The Kaeser compressor – dryer package with a horizontal air receiver tank is a perfect example of the flexibility and versatility of the Kaeser simplex and duplex packages. Whether the requirement is one or two compressors, filtration, condensate drains or other requirements, there is a system ready-to-go to meet those needs. All of the packages feature the Kaeser Sigma Profile airend and all of them benefit from the fit and finish standards for which Kaeser is famous.

Even small compressor-dryer packages benefit from the sophisticated support systems available from Kaeser. The Sigma Control system continuously monitors the compressor, dryer and condensate drain. Warning and alarm messages can be transferred to a central control system. Routine or preventive maintenance can be scheduled to avoid unplanned shutdowns. The integral refrigerated dryer is also fitted with the electronic Eco-Drain. This no-loss drain removes condensate without releasing valuable compressed air. Kaeser's dryer-drain combinations ensure optimum performance and increased
energy savings.

Hope Air Systems responds: The simplex and duplex AS-T packages with detached or integrated receiver tanks, drains and filtration all have the benefit of the Kaeser Sigma Control. It is a simplified PLC-based controller. It is designed to monitor primary compressor functions and display basic operational data. It is easy to understand with its use of icons and large display area. It is fully automatic as it monitors air pressure, temperature and
rotor rotation.

Hope Air Systems recommends Kaeser air compressor packages due to our confidence in the Sigma Profile single-stage, flooded airend, with high-efficiency motors, heavy-duty construction and simple, reliable modern controls.



20-25 HP Rotary/Tank
The Kaeser simplex and duplex AS-T packages with detached or integrated receiver tanks, drains and filtration all have the benefit of the Kaeser Sigma Control, which monitors primary compressor functions and displays basic operational data.


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