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THG Corporation Has Announced
Name Change Now in Effect

Northborough, MA (9-2-2015) - THG Corporation is pleased to announce that a corporate name change has been put in place effective September 1, 2015. To simplify matters, the THG Corporation companies will be known going forward by their corporate names, which are The Hope Group, Sorensen Systems, and Hope Air Systems, with all references to previous acquisition names to be dropped effective immediately, according to Carey Rhoten, Chairman and CEO of THG Corporation. Some of the acquisitions over the years have been The Leen Company, Sprague Fluid Connectors, Bosworth Fluid Connectors, and Webster Engineering. With the change of names, the signage at the seven branch locations are being changed to reflect the exclusive usage of the name, The Hope Group.

Since 2005 when THG Corporation was established and three LLCs (Limited Liability Corporation) were created most employees, customers, and vendors have understood the three subsidiaries were the businesses operated by THG Corporation. At the time of the change in corporate structure, certain senior executives became members of one or more LLCs with varying degrees of percentage membership, which was a strategy to maintain their involvement in operating the company profitably into the future. After ten years of successful growth it has been decided that the legacy names of Leen, Sprague, Bosworth, and Webster will be dropped from normal business operations.

“Without a doubt, the various successful acquisitions over the past 20 or more years have contributed strongly to our ability to have top quality team members, outstanding performance in our branch operations, sophisticated custom manufacturing capacity, and improved quality, which translates to a successful future for all of us,” said Carey Rhoten.

According to Randy Roy, Vice President of Operations for THG Corporation, name changes are so common in business today that the impact on sales or customer loyalty will be negligible. “Our long term customers understand that a growing business is a successful business,” said Randy. “We expect to continue our growth – we have some more acquisitions in the pipeline – so, the transition from one corporate name to another is part of how we stay healthy for the future,” he added.

With seven branch locations in four New England states, and previous acquisitions originating in four states, streamlining the corporate names will ultimately make it better for customers and vendors, according to Donna Tibbetts, THG Operations Support Manager. “When our branch managers answer the phone, The Hope Group, instead of by a previous local name, we expect the customer to ask if they have the right number. But, once they realize it’s the same team at the branch they have relied on for years, the issue of name change will disappear,” said Donna.


THG Headquarters
THG Corporation Headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Northborough MA, near the intersection of Rt-290 and Rt-495, approximately 40 miles west of Boston.



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