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Parker Air Saver Unit Valve Reduces
Energy Use in Air Blow Applications

Pulsing technology reduces air consumption by up to 50%

parker-air-saver-seriesParker's Air Saver Unit is a valve that converts a continuous air blow to a pulsed air blow without the need for any other external control. Air is blown with a series of ON and OFF pulses. When the blow is OFF, there is no air consumption. By using switching valve technology the Air Saver Unit can reduce air consumption by up to 50%, which translates into:

  • Large reductions in air consumption.
  • Savings in compressor power consumption.
  • Reduction in plant CO2 emissions.
  • Big contribution to energy-saving activities.
  • Improved efficiency.

When you consider that air blowing accounts for up to half of all compressed air used in plants, the potential energy and cost savings is considerable. In the example outline below, the application of Air Saver Unit valve on four nozzles with a one minute below per four minute cycle operating for three shifts, five days per week saved plant operators $3,500 annually. To learn your potential savings, try the savings calculator on Parker's website, by clicking here.

Sample Application —› 4 nozzles
6 mm dia.
+ $0.10/
+ 1 min
blow per
4 min
+ 3 shifts

5 days/

Air Saver Unit Valve Calculator
Summary Sheet
Reduced Total Annual Air Discharge per Blowing Nozzle (cfm) by:3,232,005
Reduced Annual CO2 Emissions Generated (per Blowing Nozzle, in tons) by:5.77 tons
Reduced Annual Air Generating Costs Per Blowing Bozzle by::$892.03
Quantity of Air Blowing Nozzles with Same Application Specifications:4
Reduced Annual Air Generating Costs For All Nozzles by:$3,568.13
Reduced Annual CO2 Emissions Generated (For All Blowing Nozzles) by:23.07

parker-air-saver-videoThe reduction in air consumption doesn't necessarily mean a decrease in blow performance, which a one-minute video on Parker's website demonstrates. Applications that benefit from a high performance air blow with lower energy expenditure include:

  • Cleaning blows before assembly
  • Swarf removal
  • Ionizer dust removal
  • Cooling and drying applications
  • Liquid removal after the manufacturing process
  • PET bottle transfer


The Air Saver brochure contains useful information for choosing the appropriate model for your air blowing needs. If you prefer, one of our pneumatic specialists can assist with selection when you request technical assistance on our website 24/7 or call us at 508-393-7660, Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM EST.




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