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THG Technology Training Center
Offers An Important Service
to our Customers

The demand for technology training is driven by several important factors, according to the managers at THG Corporation. First is the impact of promotions or staff attrition, which causes job openings and an influx of inexperienced employees. Even when skilled employees are hired, their familiarity with specific products, systems, policies and procedures is often lacking and without specific training they are at risk of underperforming in their new role. Specialized training is the best way to address that issue.

The second most important need for training is the continuous evolution of technology, particularly in the areas of automation, instrumentation, electronics, and other critical product areas. The influx of new products and technologies places the burden on manufacturers and distributors to bring its sales engineer teams as well as the customer up to speed on the changes as they happen. New products are introduced by suppliers on a regular basis and it's important to bring the required specialized training to employees and customers as soon as possible.

Seminars, Workshops and Demonstrations

The THG companies regularly schedule specialized seminars in such areas as Hydraulic Plumbing, Electro-Hydraulics, Pneumatic and Vacuum Automation, and O-Ring and Sealing Technology. Other courses that have been presented include Dry Technology, Metric Fitting Identification, Hydraulic Tube Bending and Hydraulic Hose Plumbing, SSD Drives, Oil Conditioning, Elastomers for Medical Sealing Applications, and more.

In addition to training its own sales engineers, technicians and support staff, The THG Corporation training center trains designers, assemblers, maintenance personnel, engineers and technicians from among its customers and sales prospects. The training sessions place customers into a situation where they get hands-on, practical demonstrations and a chance to ask the experts how to apply the knowledge to their own requirements. Access to factory-trained experts is an important part of the training process.

Recent workshops provided participants with instruction on how to select, assemble and route the proper hydraulic hose and fitting combination for maximum safety, service life and with zero leakage. The participants learned how to identify the port and tube end of any metric tube fitting or adapter using simple gauges and calipers and how to select the right metric fittings. They also learned how to select, assemble and install hydraulic tubing, tube fittings and adapters with a focus on achieving optimum plumbing design. Finally, the participants learned from factory experts how to accurately bend hydraulic tubing for optimum efficiency, leak proofing and aesthetics.

Advanced PLC Training Offered

In addition to classic training on hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid connectors and controls, the company works with its suppliers to provide specialized training in support of increased demand for motion and control systems relying on electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical and electrical or pneumatic automation solutions. Some training courses are complimentary, others are provided for a fee. Recent courses included training on PLC's and O/I touch screens. The course offered hands-on programming instructions for today's most common automation and control applications. These courses are targeted for OEM companies, machine builders, system integrators and maintenance personnel seeking improved work efficiencies.

Some of the training courses that are available include:

- Basic Pneumatic Technology
- Cartridge Valve Systems
- Electro-Hydraulic Feedback Systems
- Fluid Power Basics
- Hydraulic Component Sizing
- Hydraulic Maintenance Technology
- Hydraulic Pumps & Controls
- Industrial Hydraulic Technology
- Introduction to Electro-Hydraulics
- Mobile Hydraulic Technology

Upcoming Seminars

There are no upcoming seminars at this time.

To discuss options for group training courses on any of the topics mentioned above, please email us at


upcoming-trainings technology-training
The Hope Group operates a 3,000 sq ft showroom and training facility at its corporate headquarters capable of providing classroom space for up to 100 customers in topics that include industrial and mobile electro-hydraulics, hydraulic plumbing, mobile electro-hydraulics, pneumatic/vacuum automation, o-ring sealing and motion control technologies.

The recently upgraded Training Center Classroom is located at The Hope Group headquarters in Northborough MA.

The Training Center Showroom displays machines, equipment and demonstration models to support specialized training courses.


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