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Manufacturer Seeking Reduced Labor Costs and
Improved Connectivity Found Ethernet I/P Solution
with The Hope Group

Fieldbus Solution Provides Improved Connectivity and Reduced Labor Costs
A major manufacturer of gages and instruments turned to The Hope Group for recommendations on how to reduce the cost of manufacturing. The solution used Parker’s H-Series ISO manifolds plus the Ethernet I/P package.The Parker valve stack reduced the labor wiring costs and further aided in machine trouble shooting.

A customer seeking a way to reduce labor costs associated with wiring components into a customized automated gaging machine turned to The Hope Group for a solution. According to Jeff Haynosch, fluid power specialist, for many years the customer had been using Parker valve manifolds with the 25 pin D-sub end plate design. In reviewing their assembly process, Jeff recommended they consider a different type of connectivity to address their cost and trouble-shooting challenges.

As is typical in these cases, Jeff’s customer had an automotive supplier as its customer and both were looking for ethernet I/P connectivity. The Hope Group was able to introduce a Parker Ether-Net I/P component, which would be compatible with the associated Allen Bradley PLC equipment that was part of the assembly. Jeff pointed out that the Parker Ethernet I/P package was available with the communication module and Inputs/Outputs.

For this application, the customer selected Ether Net I/P with input modules only. Jeff said, “The reason for inputs was for every air valve, which operates a cylinder, there are two sensors per cylinder. We designed the valve stack for every valve to have two inputs (cylinder position switches).” Jeff continued, “The valve stack served as a major communication hub. The PLC then communicated only to the one connection to the valve stack,” he added.

According to Jeff, the customer then used quick connect cables to tie all the cylinder switches to the valve stack (on the left side). The Parker valve stack reduced the labor wiring costs and further aids in machine trouble shooting.




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