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We design solutions that meet our Customers' every need

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Our access to the many of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial components enables us to provide the best value to our customers. As a full line distributor of Parker Hannifin products, we have access to the largest inventory of Parker in the United States. Stocked components are available for purchase online at




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We help our customers operating industrial equipment achieve optimal efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced maintenance. Our in-house engineering and fabrication team create motion control solutions for manufacturers looking to solve their toughest production issues. The Hope Group’s field service team is here to help keep your facility’s air compressor system and hydraulic machinery running.


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The Hope Group provides components from premier manufacturers, and our product specialists work with designers and engineers to develop component and sub-assembly solutions. We help our customers meet requirements for form fit funciton (FFF) while delivering the best value possible.




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Our blog provides tips on products and solutions to problems that we hope you will find useful.

Hydraulic System Maintenance. How to Succeed?

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Why You Still Have Wet Air In Your Compressor Room

The light is on, but compressed air dryer is not drying When we take a look at the refrigerated dryer in our compressor room, we all assume that it must be working if the dryer light is on. Then later that [...]

HAS 500 Electrohydraulic Actuator from Parker: How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption and Maintenance Costs?

Whether you are a manufacturer of electrohydraulic technologies or in charge of its maintenance operations, you know that a simplified design with fewer components and less plumbing is going to cost less to produce (and less to maintain). A newly [...]

Mobile Hydraulics: How to Improve Life Span and Efficiency of Your Mobile Hydraulic Equipment

Manufacturers of mobile hydraulic equipment have improved the performance of equipment over the last couple of decades a lot. The hydraulic systems are more efficient, but higher operating temperatures and pressures require special attention to keep them running efficiently over [...]