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Purify Water Onboard With Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

Reverse osmosis watermakers from Village Marine and HRO Systems convert seawater into fresh water aboard your sea vessel.  A wide variety of framed, modular and semi-modular watermakers for are available for a range of users including defense, commercial marine, marine, oil & gas, land based, disaster relief, drinking and industrial & process water.

Leisure and Small Commercial Boats

Mid-Range Production – 
Semi Auto Operation

The smallest watermaker of its kind, this space saving watermaker that is sure to provide plenty of fresh water for your needs. Ideal for applications such as cruisers, sailing yachts, and production yachts.

High Capacity – Semi Auto Operation

Ideal for activities such as sport fishing, power boater or charter boating. Capable of purifying up to 1800 gallons per day, the user-friendly operation with a rugged build that’s made to withstand harsh conditions. It’s available in compact or modular configuration that allows flexibility for those who have space restrictions.

Low Consumption – Automatic Operation

Convenient automatic operation and intutitive control panel provides the comfort of fresh water without excess power usage. Ideal for small sail or power boats with limited power options. Its fully automatic operation and intuitive control system provides optimal fresh water flush features, ideal safety alarms, and easy maintenance access.

Large Commercial & Military Vessels

Low Consumption – Manual Operation

Capable of purifying 145 – 200 gallons per day, LW’s compact size and lower power consumption make it the best option for vessels requiring less purified water. Weighing in at only 69 pounds, the lightweight, modular design is easy to install and perfect for boats with limited space.

High Capacity – Manual Operation

The durability of reliabiltiy of the manual operating system makes the LTM ideal for extended cruises or voyages. The largest capacity model produces 1800 gallons of fresh water per day.

Heavy Duty – Semi-Automatic Operation

The Pure Water (PW) operates continuously—cleaning up to 2,000 gallons in a 24-hour period—and withstands the most rugged conditions. The Pure Water is not only capable of delivering industrial amounts of fresh water, but it also delivers superior performance and an extended service life.

Membrane Pickling and Storage Program

When the desalinator is not used regularly, the membranes foul due to the decomposing mineral and biological residue left sitting inside. This especially true during the winter months and other long periods of non-use.

We offer a Pickling and Winter Storage program for our customers with reverse osmosis watermakers. Read more about the program here.