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Yacht Protector

Peace of Mind for Yacht Owners Now Available for a Modest Investment

When a treasured pleasure yacht is moored in the harbor or tied up at the dock and the owner can’t be nearby, now thanks to modern technology there is a way to have someone—or something—stand watch over the valued property. Yacht owners who worry about battery levels, bilge levels, intruders and unauthorized boat movement, can utilize the technology offered by Yacht Protector.  Other packages offering more sensors and service levels are available at additional cost.

Yacht Protector is a wireless monitoring and tracking system that enables boat owners to see your boat’s condition remotely from any mobile device or computer with an internet connection.

  • Easy to install—takes less than 20 minutes on average. Installation opportunities for marinas and retailers.
  • Weather, forecast and tide information in addition to data provided by sensors.
  • Insurance discounts available for boat owners.

The packaged system utilizes a series of sensors, which are strategically placed on the vessel, to monitor and report wirelessly to main core unit. The basic system includes the core unit and four sensors (up to a total of 16 sensors) to detect intrusion, water, battery, and shore power. Other sensors can detect temperature, smoke, and photo capture. Live 24-hour monitoring service is offered on an annual fee basis. Typically, owners install the system themselves, although installation service is available.

Phone App Makes Yacht Protector Easy to Monitor

Rick Hathaway, a specialist on marine products at The Hope Group, works closely with boat owners and marinas to create the security system that best meet their circumstances and needs. “A current customer has two vessels, each equipped with a core unit and selected sensors. The communication from both systems is easily managed through an app on his smart phone,” said Rick. According to Rick, the owner handled the installation directly.

For example, the Cruiser Version kit comes with four color-coded, sealed, plastic-armored sensors units, each with its own internal battery; blue for the bilge, with a pre-connected, wired bilge-water sensor; brown for “presence,” meaning it detects movements of someone aboard; green is for battery levels; and red is for shore power. Installation is simple thanks to the wireless, battery-powered sensors that mount with 3M adhesive strips. There is no requirement for drilling or wire splicing.