Mobile Hydraulics Growing

In particular, the growth potential for The Hope Group lies within the Mobile Hydraulic market, even more than the traditional fluid power hydraulic arena. The optimism about Mobile Hydraulics comes from the growth in technology and the need for replacement and enhancement of the installed base. In addition, as the growing concerns about the environment drives changes in legislation, the demand for environmentally safe fluids and biodegradable fluids increases changes in the mobile hydraulic field.

For example, mobile machinery used in forestry services, operate in environmentally sensitive areas. If a hose breaks and fluid spews out of the system, there aren’t any concrete floors in forests to prevent the leaked fluid from being absorbed into the ground. That drives a need for biodegradable fluids. This is the sort of thing that drives change, which translates into opportunities for growth in the mobile hydraulics market. New technologies, even in hydraulics, emerge every day.

Nothing Better Than Hydraulics

Changing things for no reason is no reason for change. If a hydraulic solution is precise, cost-effective, and reliable, where is the need to switch to pneumatics or electrical? The truth is there is no reason. Admittedly, there are applications where electro-pneumatic or electrical brings a solution to the design that is better, but the economics often side with the hydraulic solution. Hydraulic solutions are used widely in military applications, oil & mining, transportation, forestry, marine and agriculture. These are industries that continue to be vibrant in our region.

Broken down by product, the motors and pumps lead the segment; followed closely by valves. Other important hydraulic components include accumulators, cylinders, filters, and power packs. The Parker line-up, which is represented in New England by The Hope Group, provides the depth and breadth of products required to meet the OEM and MRO requirements of today’s manufacturers.

Hydrostatic Transmissions

Another product from Parker that continues to grow in use is the hydrostatic transmission. From the ubiquitous bulldozer, to the unique Cog Railway locomotive, the hydrostatic transmission is a highly efficient and effective method of power transmission for off-highway vehicle propulsion. Other common applications include turf mowers, mini-loaders, and drill rigs. The hydrostatic transmissions from Parker are variable displacement piston pumps rated to 5,000 PSI continuous pressure and continuous duty. They feature an internal servo/replenish and the ability to utilize system over pressure to directly control the stroking chambers.

For Parker Mobile, the product really does meet the road, supporting utility mobile machinery, trucks, material handling equipment and military vehicles. The Hope Group provides motors, pumps, PTO, cylinders, rotary actuators, hydraulic valves, filtration and fluid. In addition, we can add electronic control for precise motion, innovative new designs to reduce size and a larger choice of functions than ever before.

Parker offers a complete laboratory analysis on a small volume of fluid, either petroleum base or water base. It produces a report, which includes a particle count, photomicrograph, free water analysis, spectrometric analysis, and neutralization analysis.

The mobile hydraulic marketplace involves the OEM and MRO sectors, each with its own set of requirements. The Hope Group is well positioned to partner with manufacturers that have a requirement for specialized hydraulic equipment as well as the over the road needs of truck operators or heavy equipment operators.

The Parker Denison hydrostatic transmission is a variable displacement piston pump rated at 5000 PSI continuous pressure and continuous duty. They feature an internal servo/replenish and the ability to utilize system over pressure to directly control the stroking chambers.