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The Hope Group

Located in Northborough, Massachusetts, our expansive 60,000-square-foot engineering and manufacturing facility empowers us to deliver top-tier solutions to our valued customers. We specialize in designing and manufacturing solutions for OEM and MRO customers. Our ISO 9001 Certified distribution and fabrication facility in Northborough, Massachusetts allows us to assist with design, production, and repair.

Why “The Hope Group” Name?

Hope Company Fitchburg Store
Then known as the Hope Company, we supplied rubber
products out of our first brick and mortar store in Fitchburg, Mass.

The Hope Group traces its origins back to 1933 when the Rhoten family, hailing from Massachusetts, established the company. Originally operating under the name Fitchburg Rubber Company, our primary focus was the production of industrial rubber goods for both consumers and various industries. Following World War II, we embraced the name Hope Rubber Company, influenced by our connection to Providence, Rhode Island, which was aptly recognized as the City of Hope at the time.

Our inaugural brick-and-mortar establishment continues to thrive as our Fitchburg ParkerStore. Feel free to visit, where our proficient technicians stand ready to provide assistance with hydraulic hose assembly and address any Parker product requirements you may have.


The Hope Group and Parker Hannifin

The company expanded into fluid power products in 1960 when it became an authorized distributor for Parker Hannifin. Hope Rubber expanded its range of products and subsequently rebranded as The Hope Group.

In our history of expansion, we acquired several regional companies including The Leen Company, Bosworth Fluid Connectors, Webster Engineering and Connecticut Fluid Power. Those acquisitions later became our nine current retail locations throughout New England. Those locations or ParkerStores support OEM and MRO customer applications throughout New England and the world.

Parker Hannifin has awarded us with the designation as a Technology Center for Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Mobile components and systems. We recently became one of the first Connector Technology Centers in North America for Parker as well. 

The Hope Group Today

In 2018, we became a division of KLX Inc. (now Boeing Distribution Services Inc.). A busy year for us as we also achieved AS9100 certification so that we could service the aerospace industry. 

On October 31, 2019, The Hope Group joined forces with SunSource, a nationally operated fluid power company based out of Addison, IL. We continue to work with SunSource to provide quality solutions in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

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