HAS 500 Electrohydraulic Actuator from Parker

How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption and Maintenance Costs

Whether you are a manufacturer of electrohydraulic technologies or in charge of its maintenance operations, you know that a simplified design with fewer components and less plumbing is going to cost less to produce (and less to maintain). A newly launched electrohydraulic actuator, the HAS 500, from Parker Hannifin’s Cylinder Division is an innovative high force self-contained linear actuation system with hybrid technology design. It combines the controllability of an electrified actuator with the power density and failsafe features of the traditional hydraulic system. By eliminating electric motor, pump reservoir, hydraulic lines, and fittings, Parker has consolidated the entire hydraulic system into a single component integral to the actuator that hooks up to a local control point. Due to its unique design, the new system minimizes downtime, reduces maintenance costs, and simplifies the system to guarantee a leak-free operation.


  • HAS500 Hybrid Actuation System from ParkerAvailable with Parker’s 2HB/2HBX, 3HB/3HBX or RDH series cylinders in 2”-8” bores
  • Sealed reservoir and elastomer sealed flow tubes
  • Compact PMAC Motors
  • Pump manifold is common for all HAS sizes

HAS 500 Electrohydraulic Actuator Benefits


  1. Energy and Operational Efficiency

    The HAS 500 utilizes electromechanical concepts of using the hydraulic fluid transmission to move the actuator. Since the actuator is hydraulic, the HAS 500 system can deliver three times the power density compared to the similarly sized system with an electrical actuator. The HAS 500 also uses the smaller envelope and fewer components while improving operational efficiency and saving space. For example, compared to 10 HP hydraulic power unit that typically occupies 6.6 cubic feet, the HAS 500 occupies only 1.9 cubic feet.

    HAS500 electrohydraulic actuator from Parker size and dimensions

    Directional and flow control valves used in electric actuators for direction and speed generate heat and consume energy. In HAS 500 system Parker engineering team decided to use the rotation of the pump for the same purpose and therefore was able to localize the power and reduce the energy wastes by as much as 25% percent.

  2. Reduced Maintenance Costs

    By consolidating the entire hydraulic system into a single component, the HAS 500 features reduced system complexity and simplified troubleshooting. Instead of performing regular maintenance on the electric motor, pump reservoir, and related valving, users can enjoy the low maintenance benefits of the hybrid actuation system. Another unique feature of the HAS 500 electrohydraulic actuator is its’ patent-pending sealed reservoir. It is made with aluminum, composite, or steel shell allowing for a water-resistant barrier. The reservoir volume is reduced to quarts of oil compared to gallons in the standard hydraulic power unit. The integral filter inside the reservoir protects the system against external contaminants and offers over 8,000 hours of maintenance-free operation even in the toughest environments and remote applications. Therefore, a hydraulic fluid change will not be one of your worries anymore. Additionally, the breather port was added to prevent debris and any foreign objects from entering the reservoir bag during operation time.

    Traditional Hydraulic System compared to Hydraulic Actuator

  3. Plug and Play Simplicity

    Parker has designed the unique plug and play HAS 500 Hybrid Actuation System to be suitable for both industrial and mobile applications. It gives you the freedom to utilize a wide range of motion control profiles without any advanced programming skills. For industrial applications, the HAS 500 is available with a Parker AC890, matched pre-programmed drive kit. For mobile applications, it is compatible with Parker IQAN. Moreover, HAS sizing tool gives you the flexibility to configure your cylinder and HAS unit to fit the needs of your project.

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