4 Ways to Optimize Your Pneumatic System

4 Ways to Optimize Your Pneumatic System


You may be familiar with the role of electricity, water, and gas for your facility. Yet, compressed air is another utility that may be just as important. Compressed air plays a crucial role in powering pneumatic systems. Industries such as construction, engineering, health, and science rely on these pneumatic systems. Proactive measures are important to ensure efficient functioning. Here are a few ways you can optimize your pneumatic system.

1. Filtration Standards:

Appropriate filters are key. DIN ISO 8573-1 are the current guidelines. This standard identifies the solids, water, and oil that need to be separated. Levels of filtration are exact and defined down to the micrometer. The standard has been recently updated so be sure to check your levels again!

2. Cleaning Procedures:

Regular cleaning of intake filters and the compressor surroundings requires meticulous attention. Maintenance procedures vary. Check the type of compressor you are using. Is it a reciprocating rotary screw? Or a rotary centrifugal? Once you know the type of compressor, you should find its maintenance manual. The manual will have specific guidelines for cleaning.

3. System Sizing:

Bigger isn’t always better. Over-sizing your pneumatic system is a common pitfall. Instead of sizing your compressor to fit the most demanding workpiece, use pressure boosters. Pressure boosters resemble reservoirs and support higher operating pressures. This minimizes energy wastage but still meets the demands of your specific workpieces.

4. Space-Efficient Assemblies:

Modular joiners allow two different-sized filtration units to join together. This allows system designers the ability to customize based on actual flow requirements. Larger individual filtration units can be added when needed.


You can maximize the efficiency of your pneumatic system with these tips. Ensure that you are using the appropriate filters. Stay on top of regular cleaning procedures. Avoid oversizing with pressure boosters. Use modular joiners to create a more space-efficient assembly. Don’t neglect your fourth utility!