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The Hope Group owns and operates nine Parker Stores at its branch locations in New England providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker hose, fittings and adapters.

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Virtual Engineer

Revolutionary Virtual Engineer Tool From Parker To Change Linear Motion Applications

Time is the scarcest resource in the 21 century. Parker Hannifin values your time and therefore has created an advanced tool that uses complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for designing electromechanical and pneumatic applications.

How the Virtual Engineer tool saves valuable time...

Hydraulic Maintenance Mistakes

The Five Most Common Hydraulic Maintenance Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Our field service technicians respond to service calls daily, and in nearly all cases, the root cause of the problem could have been avoided. Based on our long-term expertise in hydraulics we have created a complete guide on the most common maintenance mistakes.

Equipment Maintenance

Why Taking Better Care Of Your Equipment Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

Most resolutions involve taking better care of ourselves, and we don’t really give much thought to taking better care of the hydraulic machinery or air compressors that we use during the workday.

Here's why you should rethink that...

SensoNODE Condition Monitoring Sensors

Monitoring Operational Conditions
In The Palm Of Your Hand

Predicting trouble before it starts can save you a lot of grief (and some major headaches). IoT-enabled solutions help reduce downtime, avoid dangerous situations and maintain production levels through the elimination of bottlenecks.

ParTest Hydraulic Fluid Samples

When Hydraulic Failure Is Not An Option

About 80 percent of all system failures are attributable to fluid contamination. Those tiny bits of what-not floating around in your oil can lead to slow degradation of your system, which contribute to short-lived transient failures that can suddenly erupt into catastrophic failures. The best chance to reduce or eliminate failures in hydraulic and oil lubrication systems is to institute a monitoring system.

Global Core Solution

Reducing Inventory Of Hydraulic Hose Maximizes Profitability and Safety

Reducing the number of parts in your inventory decreases the potential for errors when matching parts for hydraulic hose assemblies. There is now an easy five-hose system making it possible to keep fewer parts on-hand while maximizing safety for employees and customers. Find out how...





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