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Kaeser PET Systems

Compressed air is essential for the production of packaging materials made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), such as soft drink plastic bottles. The process not only requires highly efficient compressed air production, but also relies on precise adherence to specific operating parameters. The Kaeser Sigma PET Air system solution, which is available from The Hope Group, has been especially designed for this purpose to deliver an application-specific source of quality compressed air with optimum performance.

The blow-molding process by which PET containers are produced requires compressed air at pressures ranging from 15 to 43 bar (g) depending on the particular product. A further supply of air at 7 to 10 bar (g) is needed to operate the pneumatic cylinders and conveying systems. The Kaeser Sigma PET Air system supplies air at both pressures without the need for additional investment.

In a typical system, one or more rotary screw compressors deliver all of the compressed air at the required pressure for the "low-pressure" stage, which is needed for the works air. The control air supply from the rotary screw compressor keeps energy consumption and investment costs to a minimum. The remaining air is compressed still further via one or more booster compressors and is used in the "high-pressure" stage for the blow molding process.

The combination of highly efficient rotary screw compressors with 1:1 direct drive and single stage compressed air boosters significantly reduces energy consumption, which in turn leads to considerably lower operating costs.

Pre-assembly on a common base frame saves floor space, simplifies transportation and significantly reduces the need for installation work. The Hope Group has great experience installing skid-mounted systems throughout the world over the past few decades.

The Kaeser Sigma PET Air Compressor System consists of:

Energy-Saving Screw Compressor

  • The energy-saving Kaeser Sigma Profile airend was developed and optimized for production and process air.
    The air-cooled rotary screw compressor produces the control air and also serves as pre-compressor for the high-pressure blowing air.

High-Efficiency Boosters

  • Booster compression ratios are kept to a minimum by precisely matching the booster to suit screw compressor performance, which in turn, improves energy efficiency.

  • The booster providing the high-pressure blowing air, the system controller and all other air treatment components for both compressor systems are installed, ready for operation, on a base frame.

Complete Air Receiver

  • High and low pressure air receivers are both equipped with all necessary fittings, including an electronic condensate drain.

Automatic Control

  • The PC-based Kaeser Sigma Control unit is located in the central switching cabinet, which also contains the booster controller and fuses for all drives.

  • A plain text display and traffic-light style LEDs clearly show the operational state of the machine at a glance.

  • A choice of four control modes is available to allow selection of the most appropriate for a specific application.

Cost-Effective Cooling

  • The boosters are usually equipped with air-cooled aftercoolers. In air-cooled units, a separate cooler and fan motor ensure minimal temperature difference between the intake air and compressed air. If required, larger models can be equipped with a water-cooled aftercooler.

Certified air quality

  • The oil and solid particle content is reliably kept below Class I limits as per ISO requirements. After passing through the air treatment systems, the delivered compressed air is designated as technically oil-free.


Kaeser PET Systems
The Kaeser PET System features the Kaeser Sigma Profile airend, which was developed and optimized for production and process air. The air-cooled rotary screw compressor produces the control air and also serves as pre-compressor for the high-pressure blowing air.


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