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PET Air Boosters

The Kaeser Sigma PET Air System, which provides high quality compressed air for PET bottle blowing applications, requires the use of Kaeser air boosters and air compressors as part of the skid-mounted package. The Kaeser single-stage booster adds the further supply of air at 7 to 10 bar needed to operate the pneumatic cylinders and conveying systems.

Compressed air, at a high quality, is essential for the manufacture of packaging material made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The blow-molding process by which PET containers (like soft drink containers) are produced requires compressed air at pressures ranging from 15 to 43 bar depending on the particular product. The extra air needed beyond that, which comes from the booster stage, is used in the high pressure stage for the blow molding process.

The Kaeser Sigma PET Air system requires a low investment cost and provides outstanding reliability. The combination of highly efficient rotary screw compressors with 1:1 direct drive and single-stage compressed air boosters significantly reduces energy consumption.

The Hope Group is proud to feature the innovative and highly reliable family of Kaeser Compressor components. Among the outstanding features are the following:

Energy-Saving Screw Compressors

The energy-saving Sigma Profile was developed and optimized by Kaeser Compressors and provides the basis for production of control and process air.

High-Efficiency Boosters

The booster compression ratios are kept to a minimum by precisely matching the booster to the screw compressor performance, which in-turn improves energy efficiency.

Certified Compressed Air Quality

The quality of the technically oil-free air produced by the Sigma PET Air system is tested and certified by the German Technical Inspection Authority. The oil and solid particle content is reliably kept below ISO 8573-1 class 1 limits.

Complete Air Receiver

High and low pressure air receivers are both equipped with all necessary fittings, including an electronic condensate drain.

Automatic Control

The Kaeser Control monitoring and control unit is located in the central switching cabinet, which also contains the booster controller and fuses for
all drives.


Kaeser Booster
When greater volumes of air are needed at pressures up to 45 bar then the larger Kaeser booster models are a natural choice. The core of these boosters is the high-precision, two or three cylinder compressor block with its specially finished high quality cylinders.


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