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Hope Air PET Systems

The Hope Group continues its 50 years of leadership in the design, installation, maintenance and refurbishing of rotary, reciprocating, centrifugal, oil-free, packaged and PET air compressors.
Kaeser PET Systems

Most stretch blow molding systems require air at two pressures: 35 to 45 bar for the blow molding process and seven (7) to 10 bar for control use. Kaeser SIGMA PET skid-mounted systems supply air at both pressures without need for additional investment.
PET Air Booster

Boosters are ideal for PET bottle blowing applications where compressed air is required at a higher pressure than the standard works or control air at particular points in the manufacturing process. Use of a booster reduces the need to operate the high pressure system unnecessarily.
PET Engineering

The Hope Group has an experienced in-house engineering team based at its Massachusetts headquarters with years of practical experience designing, building, installing and starting-up skid-mounted PET stretch blow molding systems for applications around the world

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