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High Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryers

The Hope Group distributes Kaeser's HT (high pressure refrigerated dryers), which are specially designed for high pressure applications ranging from 500 psig up to 900 psig. The Kaeser HT models have many built-in features. Smooth surface, self-cleaning, copper heat exchanges resist fouling and maintain high heat transfer ability and low pressure drop for the life of the unit. Plus, they are fully insulated in non-degrading foam to preserve cooling effects. A space saving, stainless steel plate heat exchanger is available on some models.

Special features:

  • HT Series dryers feature staged separation to effectively remove large moisture loads and minimize carryover.

  • Built-in automatic drains include an accurate and adjustable solid state timer.

  • A rugged solenoid valve resists clogging and leaking

Temperature control

The Kaeser HT series of high pressure refrigerated dryers operate in ambient temperatures down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. An automatic, self-regulating hot gas by-pass valve maintains a 35 degree Fahrenheit evaporator temperature without freeze-up. Adjustments for load and ambient temperature changes are not necessary. Refrigeration service valves allow convenient recharging.

Digital control panel:

  • Control relay and alarm contacts

  • Electric drain test button

  • Alarm set/test button

  • Status indicator of air inlet temperature, ambient temperature, lowest air temperature



Refrigerated Dryers
The Kaeser Refrigerated Dryer is available either as a dual control or demand manager system. The dual control model handles varying demands and the demand manager handles constant and steady air demand.


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