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Refrigerated Air Dryers

The Hope Group distributes Kaeser's dual control and demand manager series refrigerated dryers. Depending on the application, the compressed air demand can remain steady or fluctuate. To meet these varying needs, Kaeser offers two refrigerated dryers:

  • Dual Control
  • Demand Manager

The dual control model is ideally suited for applications with varying aid demands, while the demand manager model is designed to efficiently handle a constant and steady air demand.

Energy Efficient Design

All Kaeser compressed air dryer components are designed for maximum efficiency and performance. Some important features include:

  • On/off load digital scroll refrigeration compressor
    • Both dryer series are equipped with energy efficient refrigeration scroll compressors. With fewer moving parts and no valves, scroll compressors are very reliable, durable and maintenance friendly. The Dual Control series is supplied with a "digital" scroll compressor featuring unloading capability during low air demand. This results in energy savings of up to 91 percent.

  • Low pressure drop heat exchanger
    • Kaeser's traditional, non-fouling, smooth-tube, copper heat exchangers provide stable pressure dewpoints. No prefiltration required for low total system pressure drop. An advanced multi tube-in-tube design offers three times more surface than other designs, which enhances the heat transfer rate.

  • Low pressure drop filtered separators
    • Kaeser's standard filter separator with filter monitor removes bulk liquids and particulates to three microns. Two stainless steel orifice tubes provide 10-micron mechanical separation. Then, an in-depth fiber media captures solid and liquid particles to three microns in size.

  • Microprocessor controlled filter monitor
    • A microprocessor provides detailed information for optimal filter change intervals. The filter monitor is standard with Kaeser's filter and with the optional KOR filter.

  • No air loss drains
    • Easily accessible "no air loss" electronic demand drains with time delay feature reduce cycle frequency.



Refrigerated Dryers
The Kaeser Refrigerated Dryer is available either as a dual control or demand manager system. The dual control model handles varying demands and the demand manager handles constant and steady air demand.


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