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Preventive Maintenance

Challenge: How to take control of your maintenance requirements including cost control, routine service, emergency service and system monitoring and analysis.

Myth: As long as the oil is changed regularly, there is nothing to worry about.

Learn from us: Industrial compressed air systems require periodic maintenance to operate at peak efficiency and to reduce costly downtime. Inadequate maintenance can increase energy consumption due to lower compression efficiency, air leakage or pressure drops. Poor maintenance can also lead to high operating temperatures (often fatal), poor moisture control (deadly to quality), excessive contamination (ouch! more repair bills), and unsafe working environments. Generally, each of these starts as a minor issue, but can mushroom into big trouble if undetected and untreated.

The Hope Group responds: After you have designated someone in your plant to take full responsibility for your compressed air system and associated components; The Hope Group is ready to team up with your maintenance supervisor to make sure your air compressor system keeps running at peak efficiency. It’s a team effort and we stand ready to contribute our share to a winning maintenance strategy. The Hope Group can provide preventive maintenance programs for your compressor, compressed air dryer, blower, booster, nitrogen generator, PET packaged system, chillers, cooling systems, vacuum systems or any mechanical device in your mechanical room. Through a combination of available programs, The Hope Group can provide a Preventive Maintenance agreement to meet your needs. We can schedule Annual Maintenance where it’s appropriate. And, we are ready 24 hours a day to provide emergency repairs and rentals.

Let’s prevent trouble

Hope Air Systems believes that an air compressor system requires 1) care for the equipment, 2) monitoring of equipment performance, 3) scheduled routine and prompt emergency service. Here are some of the things that are covered in a standard Preventive Maintenance program:

Air Compressor

  • air filter replacement
  • oil filter replacement
  • replace separator element as required
  • replace panel filter as required
  • inspection of electrical components
  • oil change or top-off as required
  • cooler blowout
  • wipe down of exterior


  • blow out condenser
  • inspection of electrical components
  • clean drain trap
  • wipe down of exterior


  • inspect
  • clean condensate drain
  • replace element as required
  • wipe down of exterior

Condensate Separation Systems

  • inspect for proper operation
  • wipe down of exterior

Receiver Tank

  • inspect
    - safety relief valve
    - pressure gauge
    - drain valve



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