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Hydropower Refurbishment

Sorensen Systems and The Hope Group partner to provide Hydropower Rehab Solutions

Sorensen SystemsSince the Hope Group acquired Sorensen Governor in 1985, hydropower has grown to become the #1 source of renewable energy in the United States. Now called Sorensen Systems, the brand has evolved to offer multiple solutions for the hydroelectric, water and wastewater industries.

Our capabilities include:

  • Low to high pressure electro-hydraulic governor conversion
  • Turbine-generator operating systems
  • Electro-hydraulic governors and positioners
  • Electric gate and valve positioners
  • Hydraulic gate and valve operating systems

The Hope Group takes pride in its contributions to bringing these projects online. In the last decade, we have partnered with Sorensen Systems to provide municipalities in New England with cost-effective solutions to improve plant efficiency and safety. 

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    Hydropower Refurbishment Projects

    Barkhamsted Hydro Transmission Project

    For the turbine control system, a hydraulic power pack was designed and fabricated along with a control panel for the tubrine-generator, a switchgear panel, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) panel.  

    Energy Recovery at Keene, NH Public Works

    An HPU and control panel was deisgned and fabrciated for two turbine-generators that were part of 62kW energy recovery installation in Keene, New Hampshire.

    MWRA Station Upgrade

    Sorensen Systems provided the governor and control systems for micro hydro station developed electrical control panels for a micro hydro station upgrade project for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) facility in Clinton, Massachusetts.

    MWRA Hydroelectric Installation

    Supplied the turbine-generator assembly, AWWA butterfly valves, HPU assembly, turbine control panel, circuit breaker panel, SCADA panel, and UPS panel as part of an energy recovery project at the MWRA facility on Loring Road in Weston, Mass .