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Looking for a reliable partner for manufacturing your next sub assembly? We have been doing sub assemblies for more than 35 years and are a recognized leader when it comes to the quality of our fabrication projects. In our ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR Registered facility, we have the equipment, experienced technicians, and established processes to pre-assemble, calibrate, and test your hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical components before shipping.

All units ship pre-tested and calibrated so that they are ready to be used right away. Click on each type of assembly to get more information about the projects we did for our customers or contact us to learn more about our fabrication capabilities.

Outsourcing sub assemblies to The Hope Group would mean to you:

  • Faster assembly times
  • Professionally matched components
  • Cost-savings on labor and shipping
  • Increased inventory space
  • Reduced parts handling
  • Higher profit margin

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