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Boat Builders and Marinas
Turn To The Hope Group
for Components and Systems

Along its 6,000 mile coastline, New England boat builders and marinas know they can turn to The Hope Group for the specialized parts and custom engineered marine systems they need to build, refurbish, and repair their marine hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluid connector systems. With access to the full range of parts from Parker, Dixon, Racor, and Wesmar, all power and sail enthusiasts or commercial fisherman and ferry operators know we have the solution to their problem.

Water Purifiers/Desalinators
With Parker's line of reverse osmosis watermakers, our marine customers now have the ability to desalinate and purify water onboard. parker-watermakers

  • For leisure and small commercial boats: The Horizon Reverse Osmosis Seafari Versatile Watermaker's space saving design provides easy access for maintenance. It's able to produce 450-1,800 gallons per day (1,700-6,800 LPD) with noise reduction features that make this a great desalinator choice for power yachts.

  • For large commercial and military vessels: Filter up to 1800 gallons of brackish or sea water per day to produce potable water on commercial and military vessels with Village Marine's Reverse Osmosis Watermakers, which come in a modular configurations for flexible installation.


Membrane Pickling and Storage Program
When the desalinator is not used regularly, the membranes foul due to the decomposing mineral and biological residue left sitting inside. This especially true during the winter months and other long periods of non-use.

We offer a Pickling and Winter Storage program for our customers with reverse osmosis watermakers. Read more about the program here.

marine-parker-iqanIQAN by Parker
Electronic control and monitoring of vital marine systems is available through innovative IQAN technology from Parker for all onboard systems including display data for diagnostics. Read more about how The Hope Group integrated IQAN and joy stick control.

marine-steeringJastram Steering
We offer the full Jastram line of steering systems including manual steering, modular systems including controls, motor starters and alarms, hydraulic power systems and more. Read more about how The Hope Group solved one customer's steering issues.

Monitoring Systems
yacht-protectorYacht owners who worry about battery levels, bilge levels, intruders and uncontrolled boat movement, can utilize the simple, effective technology offered by Yacht Protector®. This powerful system utilizes a series of sensors, which are strategically placed on the vessel, to monitor and report wirelessly to main core unit. The basic system includes the core unit and four sensors (up to a total of 16 sensors) to detect intrusion, water, battery, and shore power. Other sensors can detect temperature, smoke, and photo capture. Read more about Yacht Protector's benefits.

Marine Hose & Fittings
We specialize in Dixon products including adapters, couplings, hose menders, king nipples, nozzles, quick connect fittings, repair and replacement parts.

marine-hydraulic-hoseParker Hydraulic Hose
Meeting SAE, ISCG, and ISO standards, Parker supplies steel, stainless steel, and brass field attachable or crimped fittings.

Parker Marine Hose
Parker offers Armada Fuel, Wet Exhaust, and Multi-Purpose hose. It offers Wave Master Barrier Fuel Line and Vent Hose and Thorobraid Clear Marine FDA/NSF for potable water applications.

marine-racor-filterParker Racor Filters
Racor responds when engines demand heavy-duty high-capacity water separation and fuel filtration to ensure reliable engine protection.

Parker Filter Elements
Hydraulic filters and replacement elements for most marine applications are available from Parker to provide solutions for suction pressure and return line applications.

Custom Engineered Marine Systems

In addition to offering marine products from Parker and many other well respected manufacturers, our engineers can solve the design, fabrication and installation requirements to meet the most stringent motion and control demands in the marine environment. Our range of products includes:

    The Hope Group offers Wesmar hydraulic and electrical dual propeller rotating and single propeller thruster systems and electronic stabilizer systems.
  • Fuel filtration
  • Steering systems
  • Thruster systems
  • Lifting systems
  • Deck machinery
  • Handling systems
  • Maneuvering systems
  • Propulsion systems
  • Sonar systems
  • Refrigeration
  • Wireless monitoring systems

Motion Control Solutions

There is a wide range of opportunity in New England to bring motion and control solutions to the marine industry. For example, boat manufacturers rely on Parker hydraulics for lifeboat davits, which permits smooth lowering with precise control. That is the essence of motion and control. Move it – but move it with control. Even something as simple as a hatch cover requires a well-designed system, using Parker actuators to provide precise control.

Luxury yacht owners today have the opportunity to retrofit their steering system with a water jet system controlled by a proprietary joystick package engineered by The Hope Group, which provides boat owners remarkable fingertip steering control.

The Hope Group has expanded its presence in the marine market tenfold over the past 10 years, mostly through innovation in system design and fabrication. One yacht manufacturer relies on The Hope Group for steering, propulsion and system monitoring solutions for many of its various product lines. Another marine customer turns to The Hope Group for filtration and hydraulic solutions for its commercial boats.

In one recent case, working directly with Parker, a custom component was designed and manufactured for a luxury yacht manufacturer, to add an important fuel saving feature to its latest line of luxury boats. The feature adds value to the product and assures its continued leadership in the yacht industry. Together, the yacht builder and The Hope Group identified an opportunity and created a solution to meet the ever-increasing demands of marine customers.



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