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Surging Semiconductor Market
Presents an Opportunity for THG

The semiconductor market in New England has surged ahead from the downturn that took place in 2010. In published reports the semiconductor sector has grown 50 percent and continues on pace for further expansion. The Hope Group is uniquely positioned with its wide array of high tech components and capacity for designing and building sub-systems utilized by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to take advantage of this growing market.

Manufacturing Supply Chain

The Hope Group is an important part of the manufacturing supply chain for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries. Our wide range of products and services meet the needs of the microelectronic sector partially as a parts distributor, but more importantly, as a full partner in the lean manufacturing process. From kits pre-assembled at our facilities and delivered just-in-time for schedule-critical assembly, our response is customized to meet each manufacturer's requirements.

Motion Control Platforms

The highly specialized and competitive semiconductor industry is an ideal fit for Parker, our partner in providing high-precision motion and control platforms used in semiconductor processing and inspection. The extensive background provided by Parker in vacuum preparation, cleanroom preparation facilities, and dedicated experts in chemical delivery, gas delivery, and motion systems makes them an ideal partner for semiconductor motion platforms.

The semiconductor manufacturers in New England turn to The Hope Group for servo systems, controls, stepper systems, gearheads, mechanical actuators, and a lot more. One major manufacturer building de-ionized (DI) water systems relies on product selection, sub-system assembly and just-in-time delivery of Teflon tubing, stainless steel fittings, and specialized hoses and valves for its manufacturing process.


The highly competitive semiconductor industry has a major presence in New England and we have major presence among those manufacturers. The high-tech OEM requirements of the semiconductor industry extends to vacuum preparation, cleanroom environments, chemical and gas delivery, and motion control platforms.

Read more about how a semiconductor industry OEM relied on The Hope Group for sub-system design.

O-Rings from Parker are designed for use in the manufacturing of wafers for the semiconductor industry.

The experts at Parker have designed and installed cleanrooms to meet the most stringent requirements of the semiconductor industry.

Sealing solutions from Parker for the microelectronics field are specifically designed to perform in wet processes, UPDI water, high temperatures, high pressures, and vacuums.

The requirements often include ultra high purity, which means that Parker regulators and valves are ideal to meet critical design specifications.

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