IDEC Offers PLC Training Course

Northborough, MA (02-18-2009) – Anyone who needs to maximize their IDEC automation knowledge will find just what they need at a 3-day training seminar scheduled for April 7-9, 2009, according to Henry Silva, Automation Product Manager at The Hope Group. The IDEC-sponsored sessions will be held at the Sheraton Tara in Framingham, MA. This training course offers hands-on programming instructions for today’s most common automation and control applications.

The training is targeted for OEM companies, machine builders, system integrators and maintenance personnel seeking improved work efficiencies utilizing IDEC PLC’s and O/I touch screens. The classes thoroughly cover topics related to IDEC Micro PLC’s, as well as WindLDR programming software.

For more information on how to register, contact Henry Silva at

The course is presented by IDEC and is offered at no additional cost when an IDEC solution package is purchasedfor the reduced price of $399 (a savings of $400). The solution package contains a MicroSmart Pentra Slim 16 I/O CPU, HG1F O/I Touch screen, software, cables and Slim 30W power supply,according to Silva. Expansion I/O modules are available.

The three days of hands-on training is invaluable, especially when you consider the equipment package is at a 50 percent discount,” said Silva. “The classes offer an opportunity to work with the equipment, the software and the techniques useful for today’s automation requirements,” added Silva.

The training consists of two days of basic and advanced PLC training and one day of O/I touch screen training. The courses use a hands-on approach (be sure to bring your laptop) using real world examples to enhance learning and retention. The goal is to have everyone walk out of class confident of their ability to program, debug and maintain IDEC automation systems.

The MicroSmart Pentra is the newest and fastest micro PLC on the market. It incorporates all the latest features, a fast processing speed, up to 512 I/Os, built-in Modbus Master/Slave, 32-bit data processing and floating point math in a very compact housing.

The IDEC touch screens are the perfect solution for control panels that take up a lot of expensive real estate. All IDEC touch screens can function as standalone devices or communicate with IDEC PLC’s, as well as all major-brand PLC’s.
The Hope Group is the region’s leading systems integrator for motion and machine control systems including electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical and electrical or pneumatic automation solutions. Since 1933, The Hope Group has provided components and systems solutions utilizing the latest technical advances in hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid connector and automation products.

IDEC Corporation is a global manufacturer of reliable control and automation products with over 30 US locations to assist customers with choosing the right switches, relays, power supplies, PLC’s, O/Is, sensors and more. IDEC offers technical training seminars throughout the country each year.


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