THG Corporation Celebrates 50 Years as Parker Distributor

Northborough, MA (09-14-2010) – Carey Rhoten, Chairman of THG Corporation, today announced that the company and its three subsidiaries, The Hope Group LLC, Hope Air Systems LLC and Sorensen Systems LLC, will acknowledge and celebrate during 2010, its association as a Parker Hannifin full-line distributor for the past 50 years.

“As a partner with Parker since 1960, we have emerged as one of the largest and most versatile independent industrial distributors in New England,” said Carey Rhoten. “Since our founding as a Massachusetts corporation in 1933, the company has constantly evolved and reinvented itself to meet the changing requirements of the industrial base in New England, but it was the association with Parker that allowed us to stay in front of our competitors,” added Rhoten.

The company operates from its ISO 9001:2008 Certified, 60,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing location in Central Massachusetts as well as from five other New England locations, including The Leen Company in Portland, ME and Bosworth Fluid Connectors in Cranston, Rhode Island. In total, the company operates six ParkerStores, which are located in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The company has 120 employees, including 25 outside sales engineers, plus an in-house engineering, fabrication and assembly facility.

“Success in the evolving manufacturing sector in New England has required THG Corporation, and its subsidiary companies, to change and innovate over the years,” said Tony Cantone, President of The Hope Group LLC. “We have relied on a partnership approach with Parker in identifying markets and presenting solutions to our customers,” added Cantone.

According to Tony Cantone, about half of THG Corporation’s sales are motion and control package solutions and systems, as opposed to just sales of components and replacement parts. “Our value to our customers is more than bringing a stocking location into range; rather, it’s bringing a total solution to an engineering or manufacturing challenge, backed by the components and technology that we draw from Parker and other premium industrial sources,” said Cantone.

THG Corporation focuses on the defense, life sciences, food and beverage, pulp & paper, mining, transportation and the power generation marketplaces. Featuring product solutions using hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid connector, instrumentation and automation technologies; the company has integrated various motion and control solutions for its customers. Recent projects have included the conversion of the Mount Washington Cog Railway locomotive from coal-fired steam to bio-diesel, a motion simulator for the Navy, four skid-based pumping stations for an oil field in Egypt, hydraulic power units for a rolling steel mill in South America and electro-hydraulic control vaults for the Boston Big Dig.

“Our 50 year history with Parker has been highlighted by a constantly evolving marketplace and the necessary emerging technologies from Parker that kept us in a leadership position with our customers,” said Carey Rhoten. “We believe that partnership served us well and will continue to do so in the years ahead,” he added.

The company was founded in 1933 by Francis “Doc” Rhoten as the Fitchburg Rubber Company, when he bought out the franchise from Goodrich Rubber. The company relocated to Northborough MA in the 1980’s and continued its growth through the establishment of six Parker stores throughout New England. Its association with Parker began in the 1960’s when the current owner, Carey Rhoten, Doc’s son, established the Fluid Power division for what was now known as The Hope Company.

In 2005, the company reorganized to create THG Corporation with its three principal subsidiaries, each established as an LLC, The Hope Group, Hope Air Systems and Sorensen Systems.


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