Power Plant Operators Invited to Attend Technology Seminars at The Hope Group

Northborough, MA (08-01-2012) – Tony Cantone, President of The Hope Group, today announced that the company has scheduled a Technical Seminar for Power Plant Technology to be held Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at its headquarters here. In cooperation with Parker Hannifin, The Hope Group is welcoming expert presenters from Parker and other manufacturers who will lead the individual sessions.

Oil Conditioning

Participants will learn about advanced purification systems for hydraulic and lubrication requirements in the power generation facility. Techniques for managing and eliminating sludge and varnish will be discussed using patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration™. Sensitive equipment such as machine valves, bearings, shafts, and other critical parts are addressed, including detailed studies that have shown longer life expectancy, because of new technology sub-micron filtration. This session is for plant engineers, maintenance personnel, plant foremen, mechanics, supervisors and other plant personnel.

Multitube Instrument/Heat Trace

Participants will learn about metal and plastic tubing bundle solutions, which are an ideal alternative for continuous emission monitoring systems applications, where multiple lengths of tubing are now installed independently. Bundled multi-tube alternatives save space with cabled trays and reduced overall cost, commonly associated with CEMS.

Expansion Joints

Participants will learn about the types of expansion joints commonly required in power generation facilities with an emphasis on the materials used, the configurations, the specific applications with various examples to demonstrate proper product selection and installation.

SSD Drives

Participants will learn about the features and benefits of utilizing variable speed drive systems for power generation applications. Products discussed include AC Drives, DC Drives, HMI Touch Screens, Servos, Energy Storage Solutions, and Grid Tie converters

The Technology Seminars are designed to introduce new technologies to design engineers, process engineers, production managers, and others involved in new designs. These seminars are no cost courtesy of The Hope Group and Parker. Complete registration and seminar information are available online at https://www.thehopegroup.com/power, or by calling Marc LeBaron at 508-393-7660. 


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