HopeDirect.com™ Promises Easy Online Access to $150 million in Parker Inventory

Northborough, MA (7-25-2014) – Mr. Tony Cantone, President of The Hope Group, today announced that it has launched a specialized website to support its distribution of CNG (compressed natural gas) Hose Assemblies for vehicles and fueling stations supporting the growing CNG marketplace. The assemblies are available in 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch inside diameters and can be used for CNG vehicles, dispensers, fuel transfer, and at-home refueling. Other sizes and configurations are also available. The hose assemblies are constructed by Parker for The Hope Group and carry the necessary CSA certification.

In addition, The Hope Group will feature other Parker products designed especially for the CNG marketplace including fittings, filters, couplings, valves, hoses, nozzles, and receptacles. The high pressure hose serves as primary conveyance of CNG in all areas of the vehicle system up to the firewall. Parker products conform to NFPA 52, ANSI/IAS NGV 4.2-1999, and CSA 12.52-M99 specifications. The hose is electrically conductive, dampens vibration and noise, is up to 30 percent lighter than rigid tubing, is easy to install with faster routing and simple maintenance.

According to Tony Cantone, The Hope Group is enthusiastic about the CNG marketplace in New England as the natural gas resource is plentiful in North America and relatively inexpensive. The demand for CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles continues to grow throughout the country. Natural gas produces 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gas or diesel fuel. Natural gas is safer and there is a lower chance of flammability. As the natural gas supply is expected to exceed demand, prices are expected to remain stable.

The new website,www.CNGHoseAssemblies.com features CNG products for the OEM and MRO use of The Hope Group’s customers. Visitors to the website may contact CNG specialists to place orders for hose assemblies and accessories. The Hope Group is an authorized multi-line Parker distributor with eight locations in four of the six New England states. The Hope Group distributes hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid connector, seal, air compressor and automation components and systems. The company headquarters is located at 70 Bearfoot Road, Northborough, MA 01532. (508-393-7660).


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