The Hope Group Expands Its Marine Offerings with the Yacht Protector®

Northborough, MA (2-21-2017) – It’s not too early for boat owners planning to return their vessels to the water this spring, in the New England region, to think about safety and security issues at the mooring or the dock. According to Rick Hathaway, Marine Specialist at The Hope Group, an exciting product is being featured at many of the upcoming pleasure and work boat trade shows that addresses boat owner concerns with bilge levels, battery levels, intrusion, and uncontrolled movement.

Upcoming Boat Shows
The Hope Group will be displaying the Yacht Protector® security system for yacht owners at the Commercial Marine Expo in Providence RI on March 15, 2017 and the Maine Boatbuilders Show in Portland ME on March 24, 2017. The product utilizes a series of sensors, strategically placed on the vessel, to monitor and report wirelessly to a main core unit. The sensors can detect intrusion, water, battery, shore power, temperature, smoke, and photo capture.

Rick Hathaway said that the entire system can be installed by the boat owner or a professional installer can be hired. Rick said, “A current customer has two vessels, each equipped with a core unit and selected sensors. The communication from both systems is easily managed through special apps on his smart phone.” He added, “Live 24-hour monitoring is offered on an annual fee basis.”

Pricing Begins at $699
Pricing for the Yacht Protector starts at $699 for the Starter System. Other systems are offered with more sensor points and other features at different pricing levels. The Hope Group works closely with boat owners to create the security system that best meet their circumstances and needs. Anyone who would like more information about the Yacht Protector can see Rick at the upcoming shows or may contact him directly at

The Hope Group is an authorized Parker distributor featuring a full line of hydraulic, pneumatic, automation, sealing, fluid connector, and instrumentation components and systems. From its nine locations in five of the six New England states, The Hope Group operates Parker Stores which provide “while you wait” replacement of ruptured hydraulic hose assemblies and offers access to thousands of components that support the marine, mobile, and other industrial environments. In addition, through its Hope Service division, The Hope Group provides field service for hydraulic, air compressor, and electrical controls installation and repair.


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