Hope Air Systems and Sorensen Systems Are Now The Hope Group

Northborough, MA (08-01-2018) – Just over six months after Boeing Distribution Services Inc. (formerly known as KLX Inc.) completed its purchase of THG Corporation and its three subsidiaries, The Hope Group, Hope Air Systems and Sorensen Systems, it was announced that the three entities have been consolidated into one business and will be known as The Hope Group.

At a company-wide meeting, it was announced that Hope Air Systems and Sorensen Systems will go to the marketplace as The Hope Group as part of an effort to solidify the company’s strategy as a unified team committed to top line growth and providing exceptional service and solutions to its customers.

The company’s Vice President and General Manager, Mark Ferland, explained the change was a return to The Hope Group’s structure prior to the establishment of The Hope Group, Hope Air Systems and Sorensen Systems as three subsidiaries of THG Corporation in 2005.

Hope Air Systems was originally established in the 1970s as the capital equipment division of The Hope Group, and Sorensen Systems was developed as an engineering and fabrication partnership following The Hope Group’s acquisition of Sorensen Governor. The three entities have shared the headquarters facility at 70 Bearfoot Road in Northborough, Massachusetts since 1985.



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