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The Hope Group owns and operates nine Parker Stores at its branch locations in New England providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker hose, fittings and adapters.

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The Hope Group Publishes a Quarterly Newsletter
To Communicate to Employees and Customers

The Communicator is a quarterly newsletter that is published by The Hope Group. The goal is to keep our employees and customers "in touch" by sharing important company news and projects.


Town Hall Meeting Highlights
Last Year's Achievements
and 2019 Plans

The Hope Group’s biannual Town Hall Meeting held on January 17, 2019 at company headquarters reviewed major achievements from the previous year as well as plans for future growth.

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The Communicator - 02-2019


Employees Congratulate Carey Rhoten On His Retirement After 57 Years of Service

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The Communicator - Special Edition October 2018


Carey Rhoten Announced THG Corporation Has Been Acquired by KLX Inc., of Miami FL

The Company will be known as The Hope Group, a division of KLX Inc.

Carey D. Rhoten, owner, Chairman, and CEO of THG Corporation of Massachusetts, announced that the acquisition of the company by KLX Inc., of Miami, Florida, has been finalized and that the company, is to be known as The Hope Group, a division of KLX Inc. (NASDAQ:KLXI)

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The Communicator - 06-2018


How Keeping a Common Sense Approach to Quality Is Not Much Different From How We Live Our Lives

Jerry Lamothe, Director of Quality for THG Corporation offers a perspective on how each of us can benefit from the common sense approach we apply to our lives as THG Corporation prepares to update its ISO status to ISO 9001:2015. In this month’s article, Jerry shares a few ideas that we all can relate to....

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THG Communicator - 01-2018


Cross Lead Culture
Contributes To Measurable
Success at THG

There are many reasons that THG Corporation has experienced great success over recent years, including a customer-focused approach to sales and service, this according to Carey Rhoten, CEO and Chairman of THG Corporation. In a recent presentation...

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THG Communicator - 10-2017


Employees of THG Corporation Should Be Proud of Progress From Its Continuous Improvement

There is now plenty of evidence that the efforts of employees at THG Corporation toward continuous improvement, as a part of daily work behavior, has had a profound and measurable impact on the success of the company...

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THG Communicator - 07-2017


Grand Opening of 8th Parker Store May 10
Marks Expansion of THG Corporation in CT

Tony Cantone, President of The Hope Group, a subsidiary of THG Corporation, today announced that the company will host an Open House, Trade Show, and series of Technology Seminars on May 10, 2017 to celebrate the Grand Opening of its eighth Parker Store at its newest location, 350 Sackett Point Road, No. Haven, Conn...

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THG Communicator - 05-2017


Goal: Planning
For Being Better

THG Corporation is currently in the throes of creating its 2017-2018 Strategic Plan. This type of activity is used by companies for one purpose only: to help the organization do a better job—to focus its energy, to ensure that members of the organization are working toward the same goals, to assess and adjust the organization's direction in response to a changing environment...

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THG Communicator - 03-2017


Annual Recognition Night
Event Well Received

From the positive comments received from employees who attended this year’s THG Corporation Employee Recognition Night, this may have been the best event held in the past 20 years...

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THG Communicator - 11-2016


THG Corporation Continues
Its Planned Growth
With Acquisition of
Connecticut Fluid Power

Carey Rhoten, CEO of THG Corporation, announced last month that the company had completed its acquisition of Connecticut Fluid Power, Inc., of North Haven, CT, increasing the company’s reach into Connecticut and a specific strengthening of its capacity to provide pneumatic, hydraulic, and automation components and systems for an important part of its sales territory in southern New England...

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THG Communicator - 07-2016


Customers Rate
the Performance of
Hope Air Systems
Field Service Team

Recently, to enhance our understanding of customer satisfaction with our Field Services team, we added a calling program aimed at assessing how satisfied customers were with the emergency, preventive maintenance, and installation services provided by Hope Air Systems...

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THG Communicator - 03-2016


THG Corporation to Host
Visual Workplace Training
Seminar for the
Lean Consortium

On March 22-23, 2016, THG Corporation will be hosting a special training seminar sponsored by Visual Thinking Inc., and the AME New England Consortium. The title of the seminar is “Visual Workplace – Visual Thinking”...

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THG Communicator - 01-2016


THG Corporation Launches Upgraded Website to Meet Strategic Plan Goal

THG Corporation has upgraded its principal website,, as part of a total program implemented under the current Strategic Plan to make the visitor experience more useful and easier to navigate....

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THG Communicator - 12-2015


Parker Awards
The Hope Group Connector Technology Center Status

Tony Cantone, President of The Hope Group, announced at the THG Corporation Employee Recognition Night that Parker had awarded The Hope Group with the coveted designation as a Connector Technology Center...

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THG Communicator - 11-2015


Director of Quality Shares Vision for THG Corporation's Future

Jerry Lamothe joined THG Corporation as its Director of Quality last year with the purpose of helping the employees take the next step up in quality consciousness...

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THG Communicator - 10-2015


New Strategic Plan Sets Ambitious Goals For Sales Growth and Quality Improvement

The owners and managers of THG Corporation have recently initiated the operational phase of its recently published Strategic Plan 2016...

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THG Communicator - 09-2015


The Hope Group to Launch it's New eCommerce Website:

The Hope Group plans to launch its new eCommerce website,, within the next few weeks...

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THG Communicator - 07-2014


THG Corp Announces
Strategic Planning
Efforts Have Produced
Great Results

Results so far from the year-long effort to implement a Strategic Plan for future...

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THG Communicator - 07-2013


Mark Ferland
Appointed Senior VP

Tony Cantone, President of The Hope Group, announced that The Leen Company was relocating to 5 Wallace Avenue, South Portland, ME...

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THG Communicator - 03-2013


The Leen Company Relocating in Portland

Tony Cantone, President of The Hope Group, announced that The Leen Company was relocating to 5 Wallace Avenue, South Portland, ME...

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THG Communicator - 04-2012


Promotion Announced for
Two THG Officers

Carey D Rhoten, CEO of THG Corporation, recently announced that two executives of the company have been...

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THG Communicator 01-2012



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The Hope Group's headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Northborough MA, near the intersection of Rt-290 and Rt-495, approximately 40 miles west of Boston.



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