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News-from-the-Hope-Group.png Celebrates 10 Years of Fast Response to Internet Inquiries

Northborough, MA (06-09-2016) - Ten years ago, as The Hope Group redesigned its website ( for the third time (and six times since), a new feature was added: This feature gave visitors to the website a direct link to someone who would respond to the inquiry whether it was a PO, Quote request, request for catalog, a technical question, or even directions to a Parker Store. All requests were assessed and responded to as soon as possible because it’s well known that those who use the Internet expect things to happen fast.

"We knew that by responding quickly, we enhanced the chance the visitor to the website would not be tempted to visit someone else for a faster response," said Richard Wright, THG Corporation Marketing Manager. "If someone picks up the phone, they know they run the risk of not getting an immediate contact," said Wright. "In fact, our customers tell us that 'getting back' is one of the things that matters most to them." In order to 'get back' quickly, the incoming inquiries are recorded and forwarded to the most appropriate person, whether that's a sales person, a customer service person, an administrator, or a parts person.

Chat Feature Being Introduced is the underlying contact point throughout all of the company websites, plus it is provided on literature, blogs, emails, and any other outbound communication. "We feel confident that that has helped our visitors find what they were looking for as quickly as possible," said Wright. But, going forward, it won’t be enough to have email be the best point of contact. The Hope Group will be introducing a Chat feature shortly to enhance the speed with which visitors to the website can make contact with a trained customer service team member that can respond appropriately.

As consumers begin to appreciate the benefits of "chat" features on consumer websites, such as Amazon or any large retailer website, that same increased expectation for fast communication migrates toward the commercial and industrial websites, such as and, according to Wright. "We have had the chat feature in our planning for a while and we are now in a beta testing phase to make sure we can support it fully and make it useful on day-one for our visitors," he said.

Visitors to company websites today can fill out forms on contact pages, they can make direct contacts with selected engineers and specialists by email, and they can find other entrance portals on company eBlasts, Blogs, and newsletters. The addition of a chat feature means that there will be one more fast and easy way to find the advice visitors need on component selection, system design, and all other customer service requirements.



parker-distributor Our Parker Partnership
Goes Back Over 55 Years

Since 1960, The Hope Group has been associated with Parker Hannifin, the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems. Fully 80 percent of the domestic revenue for Parker flows through its Distributor network.

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The headquarters of The
Hope Group is located in Northborough MA, at the intersection of I-495 and I-290, only a few miles north of the Massachusetts Turnpike, exit 11. From this convenient location, built to meet its specific design requirements in 1985, the company extends its reach through its eight branch locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.


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