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Automation & Controls

The Hope Group specializes in delivering cutting-edge Industrial Automation and Control solutions across diverse industries. We design and build industrial automation and monitoring systems that improve your operational efficiency and performance.

We collaborate with renowned manufacturers including Parker Hannifin, Enfield Technologies, Maple Systems, NOSHOK, Origa, Enfield, Schrader Bellows, Balluff, Baumer, Norstat, Pepperl & Fuchs, Pyromation, and Warrick Controls. We are committed to ensuring that you receive exceptional value and high quality products.

Fluid Controls

Solenoid valves from manufacturers like Parker Skinner Valves, and Enfield Technologies automatically control the flow of air, water, and gas in applications requiring general purpose, cryogenic or isolation types.

Solenoid-Operated Fluid Controls – Skinner Valves

Pneumatically operated and general-purpose solenoid valves for fluid control applications involving air, water, inert gas, oil, and water glycol. 2-way and 3-way valves available in brass and stainless steel.


Pressure gauges for a wide range of industrial, chemical, power generation applications and process instrumentation.

Motors & Drives

Major components that work with linear or rotary actuators achieve electromechanical motion control including variable speed AC/DC drives and soft starts, servo drives, motors/gear reducers, steppers, and servomotor.

Network Connectivity

Solutions that connect valves and manifolds to a network using Ethernet and fieldbus as well as low-cost connections such as an IO-Link.


Pneumatic components including actuators/escapements, cylinders, air prep/ FRLs, proportional controls, valves/manifolds, fieldbus I/O, vacuum products.

Positioning Sensors

Pneumatic positioning systems that are used in combination with proportional controls for position, flow, pressure and force in pneumatic systems.

Sensors & Switches

Products for accurate sensing and measuring of the various conditions that may affect manufacturing processes. 


Comprehensive range of transducers engineered to meet demands of industries such as construction, engineering and life sciences.

Remote Monitoring

Uninterrupted condition monitoring for use with cloud or local applications. Attached to quick coupling fitting, the sensor assists with diagnostics, predicting maintenance, and alerting users to issues, monitors humidity, pressure and temperature.

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