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Air Compressor Distributor Serving New England 

The Hope Group is a reseller for Kaeser Compressors in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut and an authorized air compressor distributor for Champion and Becker compressed air/vacuum equipment and parts in New England. We have been in the air compressor business for almost fifty years as the Hope Air Systems/The Hope Group brand.

The Hope Group can be your trusted source for air compressor equipment, parts, and field service. Schedule service today by calling 508-351-1888.

Air Compressors

We provide rotary screw and reciprocating compressors ranging from 3HP up to 700 HP.

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Designed for high efficiency, reliability and low noise levels, we offer rugged blowers with flows up to 5350 cfm, which are suitable for operation up to 15 psig. Systems are available up to 350 HP.

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Air Dryers

A properly sized compressed air dryer will improve the quality of the compressed air and avoid problems such as corrosion and contamination from moisture, either liquid or vapor, at the point of use.

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Air & Gas Filtration

Filters are a vital component of air treatment in any compressed air system and today it must be efficient, cost-effective and most importantly, it must deliver air to a specific standard of quality.

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Nitrogen Generators

In the modern manufacturing environment, such as bio-medical technology and food processing, the requirement for high purity nitrogen and other analytical gases continue to grow.

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Packaged Air Systems

Manufacturers have been stepping up their design and production of “packaged” air systems although they might be more correctly defined as “pre-packaged” systems direct from the factory.

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Air Compressor Piping Installations

Lightweight aluminum piping and quick-connect systems solve a lot of the problems that compressor installers have faced over the years with black iron, stainless steel or copper piping.

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Vacuum Systems

From the simplest pump to elaborate computer-controlled systems, The Hope Group provides for its customer’s complete vacuum system requirements, including installation and maintenance.

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Field Service

Our field service technicians are ready to be dispatched 24/7 anywhere in New England (508-393-7660) to install, maintain, or repair your air compressor or desiccant dryer.

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