Air Compressor Piping

Importance of Air Compressor Piping 

Challenge: Compressor piping installations are an important part of your compressor system. A proper piping installation ensures the compressor system delivers enough air, of good quality, at the right pressure, to the right locations. 

Myth: There is only one way to install an air compressor piping system and that’s copper pipe.

Learn from us: It’s well understood that compressed air is costly to manufacture. If an air compressor system is poorly designed or installed, it can result in any (or all) of the following:

  • increased energy costs
  • equipment failure
  • reduced productivity
  • increased maintenance requirements.

Money is well spent on a proper compressor piping installation to combat these challenges. Of great importance, as well, is the selection of the proper material to meet the system’s requirements. No one process is right for all installations.

The Hope Group responds: The Hope Group has been overseeing the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of compressed air systems for more than 40 years. Often, these systems have been installed in challenging environments, some of them in remote parts of the globe. But, even local auto shops or factories benefit from the commitment and experience of The Hope Group’s engineers, technicians and sales specialists when it comes to installing an air compressor system and its accessories.

Let’s install an air compressor system

The Hope Group will install your compressed air system giving careful consideration to the following:

  • air flow
  • pressure
  • air quality

With proper consideration of these requirements, the design work can begin. Proper material selection is next. Choices include:

  • black iron
  • galvanized iron
  • copper
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum

Selecting the ideal piping material

The advantages  and disadvantages of different materials should be taken into consideration when you select piping. For example, black galvanized pipe is a traditional material for piping installations. However, it requires a threaded or welded connection performed by experienced fitters. It also tends to rust with the corrosion affecting the quality of the compressed air. Some installers continue to recommend glued plastic pipe (PVC) because it’s lightweight and clean. However, it’s not something that The Hope Group recommends due to safety considerations. Pressed or welded stainless steel is another alternative. It has the advantage of being clean, but its heavy weight and requirement of experienced fitters is a drawback.

Why we recommend aluminum piping for air compressor systems

Lightweight aluminum piping systems solve a lot of the problems that compressor installers have faced over the years. Compared to black iron, stainless steel or the ever-popular copper piping, aluminum is the preferred material for modern air compressor system installations. Lightweight, high-strength aluminum piping with the added benefit of quick disconnect capability is hard to beat. The product is clean, versatile, and cost-effective when you account for overall installation  costs.