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Bare Blowers

These premium quality, rotary-lobe type, positive displacement blowers offer high efficiency and reliability. Available in two-lobe and three-lobe designs, the Kaeser Omega bare blowers, which feature rigid casings, cast bearing support and an integral rotor shaft design, are made in a wide range of sizes and produce flows up to 4400 scfm at 15 psig.

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Air Knives

Centrifugal blowers and patented air knife systems by Sonic Air Systems are widely used by food and beverage industry. The single piece tear drop shaped air knife operates with 95-percent air efficiency and reduce energy use.

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Com-paK Plus

The Kaeser Com-paK Plus blower package provides design and operating efficiencies that operators appreciate over its many years of trouble-free use. All routine maintenance points are located on the front of the unit. There are wide, easy opening doors for access and gas springs safely support the sound enclosure’s hinged lid

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To gain the benefits of a compact blower package design, while enhancing – rather than diminishing – maintenance accessibility, requires the years of design and manufacturing experience that Kaeser brings to the marketplace. Its unique Omega-paK blower packages have dramatically changed what you can expect from a modern blower package.

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Small Boosters

Where the lower volume of air is a requirement, from 3HP to 25HP, the Kaeser N-Series booster package, provides a one-cylinder and several two-cylinder compressor unit packages that are best suited to applications where low volumes of air are needed at up to 40 bar pressure. The rugged aftercooler installed in the two-cylinder machine is efficient and maintenance-free.

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Booster Packages

Compressed air systems in industrial and commercial facilities are generally designed for pressures of 90 to 100 psig. However, some special applications, such as molding, printing, seal testing in pneumatic and hydraulic devices, PET bottle production and leak testing require higher pressures – often as much as 650 psig.

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