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Hydraulic Filter Cart

How filtering hydraulic fluids can improve machine performance and lifespan

How portable hydraulic filter carts work

A hydraulic filter cart is the most economical way to prefilter and transfer hydraulic fluids into reservoirs. Filter carts can also be used to clean up existing systems. The way it works is simple: a suction hose carries the fluid through the filter element and discharges in through another hose for transfer into a reservoir. An electric motor powers the filter pump so you’ll need access to a power source. The electrical cord is on a reel attached to the cart, so it’s not at all cumbersome to transport it.

New oil does not mean clean oil

You should filter hydraulic oil before introducing them into your machine. Hydraulic fluids out of the drum are unfit for use because of particulate and water contamination, which may be added to a new fluid during processing, mixing, handling, and storage. Believe it or not, hydraulic oil contamination is a common source of system problems. When you filter new fluids, you are protecting your hydraulic machinery from the damage caused by particulate contaminants and free water found in oils coming out of the drum. In industries with ISO cleanliness standards, prefiltering oil is often a must.

Controlling hydraulic contamination

Ensuring equipment reliability (and minimizing downtime) is primary reason behind filtering hydraulic fluids. Power plants, which have ISO fluid cleanliness requirements, must ensure their oil analysis results meet or exceed the standard. For this reason, filtering hydraulic fluid is common for the power generation industry. (Could you imagine the impact of a breakdown at a power plant?) But you don’t have to be a power plant to benefit from a filter cart.

Parker 5MFP & 10MFP filter cart features

Parker offers portable hydraulic filters carts with two flow rates. The 10MFP hydraulic filter cart is capable of filtering up to 10 gallons per minute, while the 5MFP is capable of filtering up to 5 gallons per minute. The hose comes with a wand assembly so you can insert into an oil drum. The standard length of the retractable cord is six feet, but there is an option for 20 foot cord. Parker’s filter cart uses two high-capacity filters for long element life and to protect the pump. Compared to a single filter, the dual filter system has 2.5 times the dirt holding capacity. The first stage (inlet) filter captures larger particles while the second stage (outlet) filter controls finer particles or removes water.

If contamination levels are a concern for you, there is an optional device, the icountPD, for use as a digital display indicator that warns you of Low, Medium, and High contamination levels.

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