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Hydraulic/Lube Oil

Experts have discovered that 80 percent of all system failures are caused by fluid contamination. There is a wide variety of hydraulic oil filter types available on the market, so how to pick the right one?

Consider these five factors when you make your decision about hydraulic and lubrication filter type to use:

  • type of hydraulic fluid
  • fluid flow requirements
  • resistance of the filter
  • expected contamination level of your fluid
  • maximum contamination level allowed by the system

Check hydraulic and lubrication oil filter types offered by The Hope Group below:

High Pressure

To improve control and prolong longevity, modern hydraulic components are built with tighter tolerances than ever before, which increases their sensitivity to contamination. To address problems of contamination, filters can eliminate ingressed contamination before it jams a valve or scores a cylinder. A filter can block pump-generated debris before it gets to servo or proportional valves.

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Low Pressure

Improvements to element design have contributed to a 34 percent increase in filtration area and a reduction in frequency of element changes up to 33 percent. Parker elements feature longer element life, increased dirt-holding capacity and a built-in diverter cone and integral 35 psi bypass valve, with other bypass settings available.

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Medium Pressure

The need for an economical, medium pressure range filter with excellent fatigue pressure ratings has been met. Previously, users were restricted by limitations of a spin-on can or were forced into the higher cost range of high pressure filters, including offering fatigue ratings from 550 to 800 psi.

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Providing one quality source, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer, the Par-Fit line of interchange elements allows users to meet or exceed all OEM specifications while earning better pricing and quality across the line of elements.

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Hydraulic Filter Carts

Lightweight and portable filter carts are an ideal way to prefilter and transfer fluids into reservoirs or to clean up existing systems. They are versatile and can be used for filtering new fluid before putting into a system or conditioning fluid already in use. The filters feature a wide variety of particulate elements to achieve desired cleanliness levels.

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