Racor Fuel Filter Products

Racor Fuel Filters and Filter Products help marinas and boat owners to keep their equipment free from contaminants and extend the life of the fuel systems.

If you are experiencing split or leaking seals, dirty fuel reaching the engine, water in the fuel, cracked head casting, cracked clear bowl – Racor Fuel Filter is your answer. Racor uses high-quality materials that are rated for operating temperatures -40F to 255F and strict production processes that comply with ISO/TS16949 quality standards.

On this page, we have selected the most popular products in the Racor Marine Fuel Filter line.

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Racor Turbine Series Diesel Fuel Filters

The Racor Fuel Filter Water Separator Turbine Series is a three-stage filtration system made with rugged, non-corrosive die-cast aluminum construction and a glass bowl designed for diesel fuel only. It protects the diesel engine components from the contaminants present in the fuel, including water, silica, sand, dirt, and rust.

See the table below to check the full line of Racor turbine series diesel fuel filters and their characteristics:

Racor Diesel Spin-On Series Filters / Water Separators

Racor Diesel Spin-On Series Filters / Water Separators are designed to protect engines by removing water, sand, dirt, and rust contamination from fuel. They are compact in size and cost-effective. Racor Diesel Spin-On Series Filters are made with a flexible mounting head for on-engine or remote mounting.

See the table below to check the full line of Racor diesel spin-on series filters and their characteristics:

Pump and Filter Fuel Polishing System – Racor P510MAM Series

Racor P510MAM Series Pump and Filter Polishing System is used in diesel fuel systems to remove contaminants from stored fuel at the source- fuel tank. It is suitable for both continuous operation on fuel tanks, and as part of a day-tank transfer system.

Check the technical characteristics for Racor P510MAM Series below:

Racor Closed Crankcase Ventilation/Filtration

Racor Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) is designed to remove crankcase emissions and protect the engine components, such as turbochargers and after-coolers, by removing oil contamination from engine bypass gases. To serve its purpose, the CVV system utilizes depth-loading, micro-glass fiber Vaporbloc™ media. Then the cleaned and filtered gases are routed back to the inlet of the turbocharger to be burned in the engine. Racor Closed Crankcase Ventilation easily solves the problem of engines releasing pollutants through unfiltered breathers.

Check Racor Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) specifications below:

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