TrueSeal from Parker is a tradename for push-to-connect thermoplastic line of re-usable fittings manufactured from FDA compliant materials. They are lightweight and connect to plastic tubing without any tools.

Parker TrueSeal Fittings Features:TrueSeal by Parker Graph

  • FDA compliant and NSF-51 listed for contact with food. Gray acetal TrueSeal fittings also meet NSF-61 requirements for potable water
  • All-plastic body design makes them light and highly resistant to corrosion
  • EPDM seals are available in acetal and polypropylene, fluorocarbon in Kynar
  • Fitting body is designed to have extra deep tube seat to improve support and reduce the possibility of side-load leakage
  • Two choices for gripping ring: stainless steel bite edge or engineered thermoplastic bite edge

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