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Parker Hydraulics Distributor Serving New England

The Hope Group has been an authorized distributor for Parker Hydraulics since 1960. We are your trusted source for a wide variety of Parker’s hydraulic products.

Hydraulic engineered products

The Hope Group leverages Parker’s hydraulic technologies in the design and fabrication of hydraulic sub-assemblies.

  • Hydraulic power units
  • Valve and manifold stands
  • Hydraulic manifold blocks
  • Hydraulic Kidney Loop and Polishing
  • Hydraulic/Lube Oil

Parker hydraulic components we offer


Parker offers three types of hydro-pneumatic accumulators; piston, bladder and diaphragm, each with particular advantages depending on the industrial application. Each accumulator regulates the performance of a hydraulic system by providing an additional volume of system fluid, pressurized by an external gas supply.

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Actuators & Cylinders

An actuator is designed to convert fluid power into rotary or linear motion for applications such as upending, turning, roll-over, tilting, indexing, mixing, valve operating, and tensioning. Parker offers a wide selection of pneumatic, hydraulic and vane rotary actuators with low leak rates, high durability, lubrication options, and a range of torque out puts and rotations.

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Hydraulic Power Units

The Hope Group offers custom-designed and built hydraulic power units as well as Parker’s self-contained pre-plumbed HPU’s for industrial applications. In sizes from five to 40 gallon, up to 20HP and 3,000 PSI, gear, vane or piston operated, there are very quick turn-around times on Parker hydraulic power units.

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Any rotary power application can be addressed from Parker’s extensive line of hydraulic motors, which include low speed high torque motors, such as gerotors and radial piston designs. Parker also offers high speed motors, such as piston, fixed & variable displacement, vane, and gear motors.

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Energy efficient hydraulic pumps from Parker include fixed or variable displacement models in piston, vane and gear pumps, available in high pressure or low pressure varieties for a wide range of open loop or closed loop applications. These pumps are available with a full complement of electronic and computer controls.

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Valves & Manifolds

Industrial and mobile valves from Parker range from simple in-line designs to high performance sectional and manifold mounted directional and proportional valves. In-line products include flow and pressure controls, checks, ball and shear seal valves; plus, manifold mounted pressure, directional, proportional control and servo valves.

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