Parker Cartridge Valves

Parker Cartridge Valves are a great alternative to solenoid operators and stud mount valves. They offer a wide range of features and benefits and are 100% tested by Parker.

Why Choose Parker Cartridge Valves?

  • Space-savings
  • Lower manifold costs
  • Reliability (no loose parts because the sleeve, plunger, spring, and orifice are pressed together as one unit)

Types of Cartridge Valves

Parker Cartridge Valves include check valve, needle valve, relief valve, sequence valve, reducing/relieving valves, and solenoid valves types. Additionally, The Hope Group can also custom build one or more cartridge valves in a manifold taking into account your unique requirements.

Purchase Cartridge Valves

You can purchase valves directly online at This online source allows you to purchase Parker Hannifin products quickly and conveniently.