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The Hope Group is an authorized distributor for Parker pneumatic products such as pneumatic actuators and cylinders, positioners, vacuum systems, air preparation and regulators (FRLs), air valves, and Skinner valves.

Air Prep

FRL products from Parker include filters, coalescing filters, standard and precision regulators, filter/regulators, and mist and micro-mist lubricators. Available accessories include lockout valves, manifold blocks, soft start/quick dump valves, and pressure switches.

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The Hope Group offers a diverse selection of pneumatic valves to meet customer application needs that combine high performance with reliable, proven designs for pneumatic ball valves, directional control, solenoid and manifold / subbase valves. The Hope Group’s engineering design and fabrication team build and install custom fieldbus / pneumatic assemblies for OEM and defense contract customers.

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Actuators and Cylinders

Constructed of high quality, corrosion-resistant material and available in a wide selection of sizes, strokes, and diameters, Parker pneumatic air cylinders include standard and compact air cylinders, aluminum cylinders, guide cylinders, ISO pneumatic cylinders, low profile cylinders, tie rod cylinders, and stainless steel cylinders.

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Solenoid-Operated Fluid Controls – Skinner Valves

Skinner Valve manufactures pneumatically operated and general purpose solenoid valves for fluid control applications involving air, water, inert gas, oil, and water glycol. These 2-way and 3-way valves are available in brass and stainless steel.

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Linear positioners from Parker are pre-engineered plug and play modules that combine slotless linear motor technology with performance matched mechanical elements to provide high acceleration, high velocity, and quick settling, with accurate, highly repeatable positioning. The Parker rotary positioners are designed to function independently or in conjunction with linear tables used for precision applications.

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