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The Hope Group is an authorized distributor for Parker seals and O-rings to the customers all around the US. Parker seals and sealing products are known for their high-quality and are manufactured to withstand tight tolerances, higher temperatures, and aggressive chemistries.

Check out the Parker seal and Parker O-ring product lines we offer below.

Bearing Isolators

Protection for bearings reduces maintenance costs and extends the lifetime of rotating equipment. Parker’s ProTech bearing isolators are designed for 100% leak prevention and contaminant exclusion.

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Rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-plastic seals and gaskets allow for the integration of multiple components with unique sealing geometries, which provide ease of assembly for use as sealing washers, fastener seals, pipe flange seals and door seals.

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Extruded and spliced seals are made utilizing a hot vulcanization process to provide spliced rings and custom gaskets from either standard or custom cross-sectional profiles. Applications include low-closure force seals, large diameter profiles that cannot be molded or large diameter profiles.


Made from a wide variety of material, gaskets typify the compression-sealing method, where they are installed between two surfaces and pressure from bolting or clamping provides the sealing force, such as lathe cut gaskets, square cut gaskets, and bi-laminate seals.

Medical Grade Seals & O-Rings

The Parker medical division focuses on products for medical devices such as intravenous equipment, drug infusion pumps, masks, septums, respirator hoses, catheters, diaphragms, and other medical grade extrusions.

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Silicone Medical Devices

Assemblies and fabrication. Parker’s Medical Systems Division manufactures a wide range of single and multiple-use implantable silicone medical devices for OEMs in cardiovascular, nutritional, orthopedic, respiratory, urological, and other general surgery fields.

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Seals and gaskets in a variety of base metals and plating finishes are available from Parker in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Metal seals are ideal for high temperature, high vacuum, broad chemical resistance and low extractable applications.

Molded Shapes

Custom molded or machined seals in a wide range of shapes and cross sections are available including bladder, diaphragms, drop-in-place, grommets, over-molded, balls, bellows, bumpers, press-in-place, quad rings, diamond seals, h-seal, lip-seal, umbrella valve, and many more.


O-Rings are available in all AS568 inch sizes and a wide range of metric sizes, as well as custom sizes. Parker O-Rings can be molded in a wide range of elastomer compounds ranging from basic neoprene to perfluorinated materials called Parofluor ULTRA.


The packing product offering is designed for the most demanding market applications. Parker is positioned to offer optimum system solutions by maintaining the widest range of quality packing product profiles.

Rotary Shaft

Rotary shaft seals provide sealing and wiping functionality for rotating and swiveling movements under low pressure and high velocity. They retain the bearing or system lubricant in the system to avoid leakage, and they preclude any contamination of the system by external particles or other environmental impacts.

Why choose Parker seals and O-rings?

Wide variety of products: O-rings, seals, and gaskets from Parker range from standard configurations, extruded silicone profiles, and custom molded shapes to highly complex composite seals, and metal seals for extreme application environments.

Wide range of materials: To optimize performance, Parker utilizes a mixture of the base polymer and specific blends of chemical ingredients tailored for particular required characteristics. Many Parker seals are composite products, fully utilizing the unique properties of elastomer, polymer, metal or ceramic materials, in resourceful and innovative combinations.

Highly engineered design: Parker has a strong reputation for providing innovative solutions through its commitment to application engineering technology. Utilizing advanced non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software its engineers can perform extremely accurate virtual simulations to determine optimum geometry based on specific compound test data.

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