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Airend Rebuilds

Challenge: How to get a timely, cost-effective, reliable rebuilding of your air compressor’s airend.

Myth: It’s probably cheaper in the long run to buy a new compressor than rebuild such a complicated part.

Learn from us: To maximize the investment you have made in your compressed air system, it frequently proves to be economical and practical to rebuild the airend in your rotary screw air compressor. The air drawn into the compressor first passes through the airend where the “compression” takes place. This sensitive piece of the machine wears out; but in many instances can be successfully rebuilt. This can translate into longer useful life for the entire machine and significant overall cost savings.

The Hope Group responds: At The Hope Group we have been helping our customers with airend rebuilds for about 40 years. We have a lot of experience with rotary screw airends for air, gas, blower and refrigeration applications. Relying on skilled machinists, a successful rebuild will result in an airend that operates with minimum vibration and noise and at specifications equal to the original manufacturers requirements.

Let’s rebuild the airend

The The Hope Group technical services team will help you with your airend rebuild including replacement of:

  • bearings
  • gaskets
  • seals
  • o-rings

Additionally, as needed we will replace:

  • rotors
  • housings
  • gear sets
  • oil pumps

The Hope Group stands ready to help you with rebuilding your air compressor’s airend. Call us today.